What Makes Summer Tires Great

Summer tires are low profile tires that are designed to provide responsive handling as well as crisp steering response in dry and wet conditions. Also known as performance tires, they are designed to provide superb dry and wet traction together with precise handling. They can be used in the warm months or all year depending on the region that you come from. If you come from a place that does not experience true winter, the summer tires will be just fine for your vehicle.

One of the things that make the summer tires great is the fact that they are optimized for excellent road traction. Regardless of whether it is raining heavily, slightly damp or baking hot on the road, you will be able to drive your vehicle smoothly if it is fitted with these tires. They feature a tread compound that is made up of rubber and fillers. This compound contains sticky additives to ensure proper road grip when you are driving in wet conditions. The tread blend also provides perfect stiffness that allows the tires to hold up and maintain their shape when you are driving on baking hot roads.

The tread patterns on the summer tires normally feature grooves that are straighter and shallower compared to what you will see on all season tires. They also have solid and continuous ribs to make sure that a lot of rubber is always in contact with the surface of the road. This results into more stability during cornering, acceleration and braking. Because these tires often feature unidirectional or asymmetrical patterns, their rotation may be a bit limited. The front sides may only be able to rotate to opposite sides as opposed to crisscrossing in order to even out tread wear.

There are some summer tires that outperform all season tires by far. While this may come as news to many, it is actually very true. The summer tires have been found to be so good when it comes to dry and wet traction. However, they have the disadvantage of not offering any winter traction. When the temperatures are too cold, they become rigid. This makes them the wrong choice of tires in any ice or snow conditions. But when it comes to wet roads in summer as a result of rain, these tires will still be able to perform well.

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Questions To Ask When Buying Winter Tires

Investing in winter tires is not a waste of money as some people tend to assume. These tires are by far the most important safety element you can have for your vehicle in winter if you want to continue enjoying the best driving experience on the road. With so many tires on the market having a multitude of features, it may prove quite challenging to shop for the best winter tires. But that does not have to be the case if you know the right questions to ask the retailer or manufacturer you will be buying the tires from.

The first question you need to ask the dealership that you will buy the winter tires from is the expected lifespan of the tires. Nobody wants to buy tires that they will only use for a few days or weeks and require to buy other tires again. You need to look for winter tires that can last for a number of years. Since you will only be using them in winter, they should not get worn out or damaged so fast. If you buy tires that are known to wear out faster than others, you will definitely not get value for your money from them.

You also need to find out if the winter tires you want to buy are noisy. You do not want to buy tires that make a lot of noise whenever you are driving your car. The noise can become irritating sometimes and ruin the quiet moment that your family or passengers you are carrying need to have. Since some retailers may not be honest with you when it comes to the quietness of the tires, the best thing to do is to ask to see the tires in action. That way, you will pay for the tires
when you are absolutely sure of what you are getting into.

Last but not least, you should ask about the speed rating and size of the winter tires you are buying. If you purchase tires that have very low speed rating, driving on snow-packed roads can be very slow and difficult. Make sure that you look for tires with higher speed rating if you want to be able to get where you are going with your vehicle on time. Also make sure that the tires you are choosing are the right for your vehicle. Do not buy tires that are meant for an SUV and fix them on a sedan.

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Benefits Of Having A Snow Tire On Your Vehicle

When winter comes, driving your car on the roads can prove difficult because snow will be falling and covering the roads in abundance. Investing in a snow tire is a must if you want to continue driving on the roads without experiencing a lot of problems. Unless you come from a place that never gets cold weather or snow, you cannot take the idea of buying a snow tire lightly. Also called a winter tire, the snow tire is designed for use on ice and snow. It has a tread design that features bigger gaps compared to those on summer tires to increase traction on ice and snow.

There are quite a number of benefits you will enjoy from having a snow tire on your vehicle in winter. First and foremost, it is less expensive than crashing. Even though this is a bit morbid, it is absolutely true. What you will spend on getting a set of snow tires is very low compared to the hospital or insurance bill that you will be required to pay as a result of winter time crash.  Since the snow tire is made specifically for winter, it can handle the season in a way that regular tires cannot.

Another benefit of having a snow tire on your vehicle in winter is safety. This is something of utmost importance especially in winter. Since the roads can get pretty bad this time of the year depending on where you come from, the plows may not be in a position to do the job you wish for. Snow tires will be the best way to keep your family safe on the road when you are driving during winter. If you are parent and you constantly drive your children to school, buying a good set of winter tires should be at the top of priority list.

Better grip is another benefit of a snow tire when you are driving on an icy, snowy or wet road. When there is better grip on the road, it means less slippage. If you have ever driven on an icy or snowy road, you know just how slippery the roads can get. For your vehicle to be able to handle anything that it encounters in winter, you need to make sure that you have fitted the best snow tires on it. This will be for your own safety and also the safety of your entire family or

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