Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Studded Tires

Choosing the right studded tires is very important when winter comes. Since driving on the icy and snowy winter roads with summer and all-season tires can be almost impossible and dangerous, you will be making a very wise decision to invest in the studded winter tires. These tires provide better traction when temperatures become extremely low in winter. You will still be able to drive comfortably on the wintry roads thanks to the special tread compounds that they feature. Even when temperatures drop below freezing point, the tread compounds remain flexible and grippy on the road. Studded tires are the only type of tires that can provide ultimate grip on ice. Continue reading “Things to Keep in Mind When Buying Studded Tires”

Studded Tires vs Non-Studded Tires

When the cold season starts approaching, you need to start thinking of buying studded tires if the roads in the region you come from are typically covered up in ice during this season. If you visit a tire store in search for winter tires, you will come across two different varieties, namely studded and non-studded winter tires.

The studded tires have features that make them especially suitable for use on icy winter roads. As the name suggests, studded tires have metal pins or studs embedded in their tread. The studs are tiny and made of very durable metal. Their role is to dig into ice when you are driving your vehicle and keep you steady no matter how slippery the road gets. You should use studded tires only during winter months.

Differentiating studded tires from the studless counterparts is effortless. The non-studded tires do not have metal studs. They are made from a particular rubber compound and have a unique deeper tread for better traction as well as control on the road. Even if there is ice on the road, you can still be able to drive your vehicle comfortably and safely if it has the studless tires. They remain soft and flexible even in colder temperatures, something that allows them to have improved traction on the road.

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Helpful Tips When Looking for the Best Summer Tires

Having a set of summer tires in your garage is a must if you come from a place that experiences a severe change of seasons every year. When the hot season arrives, the summer tires will help you drive safely and comfortably on the road. They are designed to provide optimum mileage when the temperatures become extremely hot. They are more efficient compared to all-season tires when braking, accelerating and decelerating on both wet and dry summer roads. They grip the road much better and respond well to changing direction, including negotiating bends and handling curves. Continue reading “Helpful Tips When Looking for the Best Summer Tires”

Factors to Consider When Buying a Non-Studded Tire

Non-studded tires are excellent for regions that experience real winter weather. Once the temperatures drop and things such as snow and ice start to appear on the roads, these tires will be your best bet if you care about your safety too much. They should not be confused with studded tires which are also meant for winter use. If the roads that you normally drive on in winter are icy, you will be better off with studded winter tires on your vehicle.

Once you understand how to distinguish non-studded tires from their studded counterparts, you need to know how to shop for them adequately. It is imperative Continue reading “Factors to Consider When Buying a Non-Studded Tire”