For Tips For Buying All-season Tires For SUVs

Most vehicles – SUVs included – usually come with all-season tires. Since these tires cannot last forever, you will reach a point when you will need to replace them with new ones. There are some basics you need to know when you start shopping for new tires to avoid ending up with the wrong ones. This includes things such as the speed rating, mileage, durability among other factors. You need to make sure that you will get value for the money you will spend on the new tires. Continue reading “For Tips For Buying All-season Tires For SUVs”

Tips For Identifying Top Winter Tires

If you bought a vehicle recently and had not experienced the challenging encounter of driving on wet, icy and slushy roads during winter yet, you need to be prepared for it. For you to stay safe on the road during this season, it is highly recommended that you invest in top winter tires. Do not wait until you see how it is terrifying to drive on these roads to start thinking of buying the winter tires. Some people still use snow chains on their tires whenever winter approached. But if you want to get an improved safety as well as a comfortable driving experience, winter tires are the way to go. Continue reading “Tips For Identifying Top Winter Tires”

Ideas For Buying Winter Tires for Your SUV

You need to make sure that your SUV has the right tires for the particular season of the year if you want to get the most of it. When it is winter, you should have good winter tires that can provide excellent traction on icy or snowy winter roads. Even though most modern SUV come with driving aids such as stability control and ABS, these features cannot substitute the traction that winter tires provide. Continue reading “Ideas For Buying Winter Tires for Your SUV”

Questions To Ask When Buying Winter Tires

Winter tires may not seem necessary to you until you skid into a busy intersection for the first during the cold season. It can be a terrifying experience especially if your vehicle has summer tires installed on it. Most cars usually come with all-season tires when you purchase them for the first time. Even though these tires are marketed as suitable tires for all four seasons of the year, they do not offer the same traction and braking power as winter tires during the cold season.

There are some questions you need to ask yourself when you decide to purchase winter tires. First of all, you will need to ask yourself how much these tires will cost. On average they can cost approximately $120 per basic winter. This is of course minus the cost for rotating the tires every season as well as the cost of the rims. Rotating the winter tires each season can cost you approximately $75. You can choose to either buy separate rims for mounting the winter tires or use the same wheels for your winter tires and all-season or summer tires.

Another question you will need to ask yourself when you decide to buy winter tires is how often you will need to buy them. You can get about four or five years out of your winter tires depending on the severity of winter conditions in the place you come from. In some places that experience harsh winter conditions, you may only use winter tires for only one or two seasons. Just make sure that you use them properly if you want to get the most of them. Just like summer tires are not meant to be used in winter, winter tires should not be used in summer.

Another thing you need to know when buying winter tires is the right time to install them on your car. It is advisable to switch to these tires before it starts snowing. The moment you start noticing a drop in temperatures, you should be getting ready to install the winter tires. The recommendation is to switch to them once the temperature falls to single digits, to be specific 7 degrees Celsius. At this temperature, all-season tires cannot perform well because the rubber compound they are made with grows stiffer.

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