Key Rules For Maintaining Your SUV Summer Tires

When you buy new SUV summer tires, you need to give proper care and maintenance to them if you want them to last. Neglecting your summer tires can shorten their lifecycle and even put your life in danger. Since buying tires for your vehicle is not a cheap investment, you want to make sure that you get the best value for the money you will spend on the new tires.

One of the key rules to maintaining your SUV summer tires is to know their inflation level. The inflation level has a huge influence on the lifespan of the summer tires. You need to collect information on your axle load or refer to a tire load chart if you have one. If you do not have a tire load chart, you can search for it online, so you can correctly adjust your inflation level. When you drive a vehicle that has tires that are improperly inflated, you will be putting your life at great risk. By understanding the inflation level, you will improve your safety on the road.

Another important rule to maintaining your SUV summer tires is to reduce your driving speed. It is true that summer tires can enable you to drive at the highest speed on the dry summer roads. However, you should not take this as a reason to always drive your vehicle at the highest speed whenever you hit the road. High speed will generate more heat and cause the tires to wear out much faster. Also sudden braking and accelerations will cause your tires to wear out. It’s always the best to try to maintain a steady speed, this will also cause you to save on fuel.

Finally, proper maintenance of your SUV summer tires entails keeping your wheels well aligned. Poor wheel alignment can prevent the tires from running straight ahead, something that would cause unexpected wear to start appearing on certain parts of the tires. If your wheels are not correctly aligned, you should take to your trusted car service station if you want the tires to last longer.

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