Important Benefits of Summer Tires

 Summer tires

If you come from a place where there are large seasonal changes, you may need to invest in two sets of tires. IIn summer, spring and fall, when the roads are dry or sometimes wet, buying dedicated summer tires will be a good idea because of the benefits they provide. As long as the roads are not covered with snow or ice, you can rely on a good set of summer tires to bring you anywhere you want to go.

The primary advantage of summer tires is that it provides a strong grip on dry and wet roads during spring, summer and fall. The rubber compounds that they are made of are hard enough to increase responsiveness, braking, as well as cornering on wet streets.

Another benefit of investing in high-quality summer tires is decreased deterioration of your winter tires. Once the weather starts to become warm, winter tires become more prone to deterioration as opposed to using it during the winter season.  When tread blocks and sipes of winter tires come into contact with a warm pavement, the heat created by the increased friction will cause the rubber to compress. Things are different when it comes to summer tires as they are designed to handle the increased friction that is created when you are driving in warm weather conditions.

Last but not least, summer tires have effective hydroplaning prevention. Hydroplaning simply refers to the loss of braking or steering ability because of excess water on the road. Summer tire has unique grooves which remove water between the tire and the road surface, providing you with better control over your car when driving on wet roads. Even though winter tires also feature grooves, they are much thicker compared to those of summer tires since they are designed to push thicker elements such as sleet and snow.

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