Best Way To Drive When It Rains

Best Way To Drive When It Rains

Rain can cause you problems when you are driving. Lowering your speed tends to be the best way to drive when it is raining. There are a few factors, which are critical when it rains for you to be able to drive safely. These factors are the intensity of the rain, the road conditions, your driving speed, the quality of your windshield wipers and the condition of your tires. All these factors will determine how well you can manage the situation of rain.

As we all know, rain can be anything om a little drizzle to heavy rain. With the increased intensity, the driving conditions will worsen. The more it rains, the more pressure it will put on your windshield wipers to remove the water for you to maintain clear vision. It also puts pressure on the road drainage system, to be able to quickly remove the water from the roads. The tire should also be able to remove the remaining water from the surface between the tires and the road. The speed that you drive will put extra pressure on the windshield wipers as well as on the tires to remove the water.

The windshield wipers will wear over time and the ability to effectively remove water will diminish. As to have a good vision when you drive is critical, it is very important that you maintain them, so that they work when you need them to work. Also the windshield wiper fluid should be checked and refilled when you stop at the gas station.

Make sure that your tires are in good condition. When it rains a shallow tread depth will have a detrimental effect on the driving ability. The reduced tread depth will limit the amount of water that the tire can remove in order to remain in contact with the road surface. If the tire can’t push away the water, you will reach a state of aquaplaning, where you basically loose control over the car. The combination of your driving speed and the tread depth will play a major factor in this, so a low tread depth and high speed is the worst combination.

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