Things You Might Not Know About All-Weather Tires

Things You Might Not Know About All-Weather Tires

There are so many options of tires out in the tire shops, it is easy to get confused.  You basically have two options, either you change tires during the year to optimize for different seasons, or then you have the same tire all year around.  If you have the same tire all year, you basically have three options; All-Weather tire, All-Season tire or then summer tires. The last is probably the easiest to understand. This tire has it optimal performance when it is summer. It should not be used in winter conditions. It should only be used when the roads are clear of snow and ice.

If you live in an area where you have shifting seasons, you can consider All-Weather tires as well as all season tires. However, if you experience real winters, then the option to go for if you want to have one tires for the whole year, is the All-weather tire. This tire will get you through both summers and winters without any problem. You will still experience safe driving throughout the year. The only circumstances you might you wish you hade more grip, is if you are driving on ice, where the studded winter tire is far superior. If icy roads are part of your normal circumstances, then you should go for a full-fledged winter tire and select a studded tire.

What is good to know is that the all weather tires are classified for winter use and they have rigorously been tested in winter conditions. So regardless if you wake up to find dry summer roads or snow covered roads, you will be safe and good to go with your car to your desired destination. So it is a very good tire for all year around use. Not having to change tires saves you some hassle, especially with legal requirements dictating when you need to have the winter tires on and when you can’t drive anymore with them on.

Since you are not changing the tires when you have one set for the whole year, it is still good to remember that you should rotate the tires every 5000 miles to ensure a uniformed wear on the tires.

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