When To Consider Using All-Weather Tires

When To Consider Using All-Weather Tires

The All-Weather tire is a great tire for people who live in areas where the winters are not too extreme and there is no need for specific winter tires for the winter season. The All-Weather tire offers good enough properties for the both snowy and slushy conditions, so that you will be able to drive safely to your destination and not have to worry about the weather conditions that you will face.

If the area where you live often has conditions where the roads are covered with ice, then this tire will not perform as well as a studded tire, which will be superior to a non-studded tyre. On snow this tire will perform good and it will also perform well on slush, where it is able to push away the slush to avoid slushplaning, which is similar in effect to aquaplaning. With slushplaning, the tire can’t push away the slush quickly enough, so the tire will loose contact with the road surface and you loose control as you start to glide on the slush.

On summer roads, an all weather tires also performs very well and will handle both dry surfaces as well as wet and damp roads with excellent grip properties. So when you are cruising down those summer roads, you will be safe. Similarly with slushplaning, these tires are also preventing aquaplaning, as they are able to effectively push away the water to prevent the car to lose control.

So if you don’t need studded tires during the winter season, All-Weather tires are probably a perfect option for you to get you through the whole year safely. Make sure that the tire that you buy has a low rolling resistance as this has a direct impact on your car’s fuel consumption. By selecting a tire with lower rolling resistance you can quickly recover a possible higher purchase price during the lifespan of the tire. If you maintain the tire well, it will last you for a few years more with normal driving. Another factor that impacts the fuel economy, is the tire pressure, so make sure that you regularly check the tire pressure during the year, as well as checking the tread depth to make sure that the tires are still safe to drive with.

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