Also Your Truck And Your SUV Need Snow Tires

If you live in an area where you are likely to have weather conditions that include snow, slush and ice, then you definitely will need to equip your truck, SUV or van with proper tires that are approved for winter conditions. As the vehicles are quite big and look like they can drive through any type of road or in weather conditions, you need to realize that the rubber compound used in SUV summer tires is different to that used in SUV winter tires. In winter tires, the rubber compound stays soft and flexible even at very low temperatures. The summer tires are optimized for warm and summery weather.

This all means that trying to drive with an SUV summer tire during winter conditions will most likely not end well. You need a tire that has been made with the correct rubber compound and that has been tested and approved for winter conditions. The winter tires will have specific tread design to ensure that they perform well on snow, slush and ice. Some even have metal studs integrated in to the tread to increase the friction especially on ice and tightly packed snow. These studded tires are the best for those conditions.

Other tire option for winter weather are the non-studded tires, also often referred to as studless tires, that use sipes and even hard crystal like additives into the tread to ensure high friction on icy surfaces.  The tread pattern also ensures that snow and slush can be removed to maintain good road contact.

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