Danger Of Not Being Prepared


 In the boy scouts it is all about being prepared. The slogan “Always be prepared” symbolizes that regardless of what happens, you can always manage. Part of this is that you learn to adapt and to foresee certain situations. With the approaching winter a scout would make sure that he has the correct supplies needed in case the weather changes. He would be prepared that the temperature might drop and snow might come. He would have clothes to adapt to these changing circumstances.

In the same way that scouts are always ready, the same way we should also be ready for the coming winter. We know it will come; it is just a matter of when it will arrive. So the more we prepare for it, the better we can manage when it finally arrives. We should make sure that we change the tires of our vehicle before it arrives. We should make sure that we bring with us the necessary supplies that we might need in case of an emergency. We want to ensure that we are ready for unforeseen situations as well as situations that we can predict in case of a shift of weather.

The better we prepare, the easier it will be to adjust. If we already have winter tires on the car when the snow arrives, we are prepared and we can continue to drive safely despite that the roads are cold and slippery.

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