More People Use Winter Tires Nowadays

Even though many people still drive with all-season tires even in the winter season, a dedicated winter tire is becoming more and more popular in the areas with harsh weather conditions. People respect the snow and the dangerous conditions that winter brings with it for driving. For most drivers, safety and how to keep themselves and their loved ones safe while driving is the key concern.

The use of winter tires gives you more piece of mind on the road, decreasing road accidents during harsh wintertime. Some states have laws regulating the use of winter tires. On certain roads and when the conditions are such that the winter tires are needed, you have to have winter tires to be allowed to drive there. When choosing winter tires for your car, it is good to go for tested and winter approved high quality tires, either non-studded winter tires or studded tires. Studded tires have metal studs to create the necessary grip especially on ice.

Both options are able to create enough traction to keep you safe while driving on wintry roads. The metal studs are able to create a bit more traction on ice, so if you want to have the maximum traction, then choose a studded tires. This will give you the best traction and a short braking distance. You will be able to have control over your vehicle as you maneuver on slippery surfaces. The tread design of a non-studded and studded winter tire is optimized to be able to handle slippery surfaces, snow and slush. Winter tires’ grooves are designed to push the slush to the sides to ensure constant contact with the road surface.

Once you have proper winter tires mounted on your car you can drive more safely. Even though you have great tires, you should still respect the winter conditions because they are the most challenging conditions for driving. Control your speed, drive smoothly to ensure that the tires will gain traction and keep your distance to the cars in front of you.

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