Don’t Wait For The Snow Storm

At the moment a huge snow storm is sweeping through certain areas in North America. I think it is important not to wait for a snow storm before you install winter tires in your car. If you live in an area where you expect to have harsh winter conditions during the winter season and you need your car on a daily basis, then you need to change the tires. And you need to change them before the bad weather approaches.

Getting tires changed to winter tires at the tire shop, when the storm is already approaching and news stations are talking about it, can be difficult. As soon as the temperatures drop below freezing, the winter tires will be a safer option. When the temperature drops below freezing, the rubber in the summer tires becomes hard. The hard rubber is inflexible and can’t dig into the small cavities of the surface to create good grip, while a winter tire uses a different rubber compound. A compound that is optimized for cold temperatures, so that the rubber will remain soft and flexible to create traction, despite the low temperatures. 

Regardless of what type of a vehicle you have, you will need winter approved tires to be able to get grip on icy, snowy and slushy surfaces. Many people that own an SUV forget that they will need a set of SUV winter tires for harsh winter conditions. A set of SUV summer tires will not be able to get you from one point to another safely when the conditions are extreme. In order to be able to control your vehicle you need winter tires.

When you already have a set of winter tires on your car, you don’t have to worry about the approaching snow storms. Most probably there will a chaos in the traffic though, as many people will not be ready for the stormy weather. When you change your tires, remember to spread the word to get others change to winter tires as well.

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