Heavy Use Tires

When you have heavy industrial equipment, normal tires will never be enough. You will need expert tires that can handle the environment and heavy use that is required from them. You might have need to both on and off road use, heavy terrain, tough conditions, high speeds and heavy load.  You definitely don’t want the tire to start cracking under heavy load because you have chosen the wrong tire. For best guidance of tire selection, refer to the technical manual.

This tire manual will detail all different tires for all different type of vehicles. It will also help you with all the different dimensions and what tire pressure each tire should have. This will be a massive help when you assess the tire that you will need for your machinery, regardless if you need excavator tires or heavy truck tires.

A lot of the development of tires goes into the design of the tread pattern to optimize it for optimal pressure and wear as well as grip and handling. There are not many tire manufacturers that have the capacity to deliver such a high performance tire that can manage these pressures and rough conditions without breaking. It tends to be so that the bigger the vehicle the bigger tires you will need, this makes the overall cost for the equipment to be very high. High equipment costs means that the utilization costs is high, so that any downtime is very costly. Having downtime due to tire failure, be it cracks, rupture or you don’t have sufficient grip will could a very costly mistake.

As with all tires, make sure that you keep the tire pressure at the recommended level. Be advised that will lower temperatures also the tire pressure will drop, so keep checking it on a regular basis to make sure that you have even wear and that you get the properties from the tire which it is intended to give you.

You also need to have a tire that is extremely puncture resistance and has a low heat generation, which enables you to drive at high speeds. This is especially important if you will need to move your machinery on a regular basis between the different areas where it operates and you will use normal roads for driving. The option is that the machinery is transported with another vehicle which can be costly.

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