Military Equipment Tires

When you need to design tires for both on and off road use, it makes it much more difficult. You will need the durability of driving high speeds on normal roads as well as being able to drive through heavy terrain in any type of weather conditions. An all terrain military vehicles tire that keeps you prepared for anything is really needed, especially for military use. You’ll need a single tire that will work from one extreme to another. A tire failure can lead to a disaster and should be avoided at all cost. This is why you need to rely on the fact that your tire can deliver in these rough circumstances.

As with most tires for heavy equipment, you are relying heavily on durability, tire failure either if it be a puncture or rupture, should not happen, regardless of how rough the terrain is. You need the tread to be optimized for all tough terrain and to be able to handle snow and mud. In addition to excellent grip in all terrains, you also want stable handling properties and good steering control in these terrains even at high speeds, so that you can move fast and don’t get stuck. As these vehicles are dependent on mobility through all terrains, you can imagine that getting stuck is not acceptable.

The tread design comes from years of experience of manufacturing tires as well as working with the end-users and constantly listening to the end-users and taking their feedback into the loop. Then comes long periods of testing to ensure that the durability is in place. You want to make sure that the tire is more or less puncture and rupture proof, regardless of what sharp objects you might pass over. The durability of the tread is also important, so that you don’t loose any of the intended stability and grip that you need to rely on.

Long lifetime of the tires tend to be very important for a lot of end-users, as changing tires causes unnecessary downtime and costs. You want to be able to keep your vehicles operating without too much maintenance during long stretches and ability to cover long mileage from one point to another and still be able to function properly, with all the properties intact. , This will ensure that the vehicles can perform their intended duties without any problems. The technical manual will give you a good overview what tire is the best option for your vehicle.

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