Special Tires For Armored Vehicles

all terrain military vehicles

When you are buying tires for an armored vehicle, it is quite obvious that you need special heavy tires to be able to adapt to the specific needs to an armored vehicle. One thing that makes an armored vehicle very special except that they are bullet proof and basically indestructible is that they are very heavy. An armored vehicle will easily weigh 10 times more than a car and up to 30 times if you have a bigger armored vehicle. This type of load on the tires means that you will need heavy high load tires, just to make sure that they don’t crack under the heavy load.

With armored vehicles you want to make sure that they don’t break down from mechanical failure or some tire failure as such a situation could leave the vehicle as a sitting duck, which can be extremely dangerous. This is why they invest in reliable and durable heavy tires. These tires often have to operate through different terrains as well as different weather conditions. Weather combined with terrain can cause some really tricky and rough situations that require the best performance from a tire.

All terrain military vehicles tires are the tires you would use for an armored vehicle. This will be able to deliver the best performance, with the awesome stability regardless of the terrain. It can get you through snow and mud, will give you excellent service life, so that you can keep driving without having to worry about if your tires will give up. These vehicles also have to be able to drive at high speed, so you need to make sure that have been designed for this, to ensure that you don’t have a high heat build up, which can wear out your tires prematurely. Check the technical manual to ensure that your tire usage is correct.

With good set of tires mounted on your vehicle you can rest assure that you will reduce any down-time, keep your vehicles running without problems and unforeseen breakdown, which can be both costly and put your personnel in danger. They can also maneuver with good control and stability through any type of weather or road conditions, even very rough off road terrain while till being able to handle on road driving at high speeds to get the vehicle safely from point A to point B and to perform its intended duties.

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