When Your Business Depends On It

If your business depends on that your heavy equipment deliver day in and day out, you need to make sure that you have superior tires. Tires that are durable enough and have low wear, this is to ensure that you don’t loose production time by having to change tires or ending up with a flat tire. Heavy equipment tires have to be much more durable than tires for smaller vehicles. The cost implications for any downtime can be huge, so you will need to make sure that the tires that you choose will be able to handle the roughest environments combined with changing weather conditions.

When you have heavy equipment, it is a benefit if you can drive them on normal roads to the place where they will perform their duties. This saves a lot of logistical challenges and costs, but from the tire perspective it puts a lot of extra demands on them, as in addition to being ultra durable and wear resistant, they now also need to manage to drive in high speeds on normal roads between the projects. This requires that you don’t have a high heat buildup in the tire, as that would increase the wear drastically. This is when heavy truck tires come into the picture.

The tires also have to be designed for the extremely heavy load, as you don’t want the tread to crack during a shift, due to very heavy load. There is a lot of research going into optimizing the treads to ensure that they will give the tire the best performance. The treads might just look rugged, but they will have been carefully designed with every shape and every groove having a purpose. It will both give the sturdiness, the grip, and the ability to push away mud or snow. It will also be able to protect the tire from rupturing. As you can imagine this combination of different factors that the tires have to live up to combined with the fact that any downtime can be very costly requires very strict requirements in terms of quality and performance.

So regardless of what machinery or requirement you might have, Nokian Tyres have a vast offering of tires for most types of heavy machinery and they have also the experience from hard Nordic winter weather and over 80-year experience from making winter tires, which means that they can perform well even in the cold winter conditions. Their Nokian Hakkapeliittarange is a world class winter tire option, for the most challenging conditions.

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