Heavy Tires In General

When it comes to heavy truck tires there are definitely some key issues to consider. First you want to make sure that you get a high quality machinery, a machine that can deliver according to expectation and with as little downtime as possible so that you can recuperate your investment costs as quickly as possible. You often have to select a more all-round machine or a specialized one. Another key decision comes down to selecting if you want to have tires or tracks. They both have advantages and disadvantages and depend a lot on the usage. If you want a versatile all-round machine then tires tend to give you better possibilities.

It is important to study the difference and understand when tracks are better and when wheels are better. Once you have your requirements nailed down, then you will need to start with what vehicle is the most suitable and you need to select if it is tires or a tracked version. Generally tires give you more speed and agility and perform much better on hard surfaces. On soft surfaces and where you want to leave minimum impact after the job is finished, a tracked version tends to perform better. The tracks make the vehicle slow and unable to maneuver quickly in small spots.

You also need to figure out the workflow, where the work is carried out. How many vehicles will cooperate together and what is the role of each vehicle. What distances they need to travel during the flow and what loads they need to carry. The surface and the impact of the surface combined with what kind of weather you might expect. Are you working in areas that might see real winter weather? If so you need to take also this into consideration. The terrain can also have an impact as you might need to manage heavy off-road terrain, or do you need to also drive on roads at high speeds. High speeds on normal roads basically rules out tracks. While certain terrain can benefit of having tracks.

With wheel, you then need to figure out what tires you need to have to ensure that you get the best performance out of your vehicle. With tires you can change them to ensure that you have the best performance for certain jobs or tasks. You can change tires between the seasons to ensure that you have the best grip both in winter and in summer. You can have tires that can handle long distance driving if that is a required or then some off-road tires when you need that, or you have a tire that can handle basically any type of circumstances that you might face.

You do however need a high-quality tire, that will work relentlessly. You still want all the key properties from your tires, such as excellent control and stability regardless of what weather or terrain that you will face. You want high durability to ensure low downtime and unnecessary costs. Check the technical manual which can help you find the best tire for you.

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