Heavy tire selection-a stepwise approach

Selection of tires is not always easy as there are many requirements and factors involved in the decision. There will also most probably a lot of combinations of requirements that make the tire selection even more challenging.

Terrain: The terrain where you aim to work within and which which terrain you need to drive through to get there. Are you mainly on road or off-road or a combination thereof. Is the terrain soft or hard and does the imprint matter.

Weather: The weather conditions that is common in the area where you aim to work. Do you expect only dry and wet conditions or also snowy and icy conditions Muddy, slushy, snowy and slushy conditions create a lot of challenges for your tires and of course make the tire selection more difficult.

Load: Another important factor and it is probably worth checking the technical manual to assess which tire option fits your load requirements.

Travel distance: This is important as if you plan to drive on normal roads between each project, then you will need tires that can drive at high speeds.

Wear resistance: To ensure that your tires don’t break down and cause costly downtime and production losses, you will need to select tires that has world class tear resistance and durability. Long service time can be crucial in turning projects profitable.

In addition to the key requirements stated above, you would need to make sure that you have the grip you need in the terrain where you will work with the machine and use the tires in. A wrong choice can be costly. No matter if you need excavator tiresor other heavy equipment tires, you need to make sure you make an informed decision.

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