Safe Driving Will Depend A Lot On Your Tire Choice

As I operate the local driving school, safety comes me always first. I think most people want to be safe when driving. However it always surprises me that people don’t know much about tires. People seem to be more concerned about picking a safe car than  what kind of tires they have. Tire choice  depends partly on where you live. Do you need to change to summer tires in the summer and winter tires in the winter or can you put on all-weather tires? Tires being a key safety factor in driving, it is thereby important to spend sufficient time on selecting and choosing a high quality tire. Safety was something that I placed high priority on when picking the tires for my driving school car.

In some countries it is mandatory to use winter tires during the winter season; as they are much safer for winter road conditions. Having said that there is a big difference in the different winter tires. Depending on what kind of winter conditions you have where you live, you need to spend some time to figure out which winter tire is the best for your area and driving conditions. So, if you have put a lot of efforts into selecting a safe car, make sure that you put equal effort into finding a tire that will provide you the safety that you want. A safe car with unsafe tires is not a safe car.

There are lots of tires on the market today. It’s important to know what road and weather conditions that you are buying tires for. If you live in an area with heavy rain you need to get a tire to handle the risk for aquaplaning. Make sure you have proper groove depth in your tires to remove  water and to allow the tire to remain in contact with the road surface. Even though no tire completely eliminates the risk of hydroplaning, using new quality tires significantly reduces the risk. Hydroplaning is not just a risk in rainy conditions, there is also the possibility to hydroplane on slush which is known as “slush planing”. This condition occurs when the sun melts the snow into slush and is, in fact, more dangerous than hydroplaning.

I hope I have convinced you in the importance of choosing a high quality tire for your car. For more info regarding tires, visit: