The Stability Of A Backhoe Loader

First of all, a backhoe loader is a heavy equipment and belongs to the series of excavators. Due to the fact that it is heavy machinery it requires heavy tires and there are special excavator tires. Without proper tires you might end up getting stuck or overloading the tires that can cause the tires to completely rupture. Any tire related problems can cause a lot of extra costs and lost revenues and should be avoided. It can also cause accidents to happen, so high quality tires that can handle high loads and is key. To ensure that you have full mobility in any weather or conditions, you need to ensure that your tires can handle this.

When it comes to having tires instead of tracks when you are digging can cause the backhoe loader to lose its balance due to the rocking. Solid tires that can provide stability, but might not provide enough support, so often there is a hydraulic stabilizers at the back and also lowering the bucket will provide further stability to prevent the backhoe loader to actually tilt. Needless to say if the backhoe loader actually tilts there can be serious consequences, injuries and costly damages. It might not be fully prevented by proper tires but definitely good tires can help prevent it.

To improve the mobility, the tires need to be able to handle multiple different surfaces and terrains. If the equipment also needs to perform in all weathers, you need to make sure that the tires also can handle snow and ice. A tire that is not designed for winter conditions, will get too hard to comply with the surfaces and give the required traction to perform the work. Backhoe loaders can in most countries only legally drive on public roads if they are actually doing road construction work. If you intend to drive between work sites, it is very important to check the local regulations to fully understand the situation in your area. It might be that you have to get your equipment transported between work sites. If you can drive it, you need to take that into considerations when selecting the tires.

It is always good to check the technical tire manual to ensure that you have selected the correct tires for the intended load and that you have the correct tire pressure.

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