How To Avoid Hydroplaning

Having experienced the frightening feeling of losing control of your vehicle due to hydroplaning, I wanted to find the best tire to avoid this happening in the future. Tire manufacturers are always coming up with new technologies to help deal with issues like hydroplaning but not even a good tire can’t completely eliminate the risk. This is why it’s important to know what to do when your car starts hydroplaning. First of all, keep cool. It is easier said than done but it’s important to not panic and slam on the brakes. The best thing to do if you start hydroplaning is to stay straight, let the car to decelerate by itself and try to regain the feel of the road and control of your car. Try to avoid hydroplaning by always looking ahead of you on the road and avoiding any large puddles and reducing your speed in rainy conditions.

Using a good quality tire with adequate tread depth and tire pressure is important. Hydroplaning does not just pertain to water (aquaplaning), you can also hydroplane with slush (slushplaning). Slushplaning can happen when the snow starts melting, leaving slush on the road.

Ideally, with this in mind, a dedicated tire for each season might be the absolute best way to go. However this might not be feasible or necessary. It depends partly on where you live.

Summer tires like the Nokian zline tire is a good tire for the summer weather and it’s equipped with “swoop grooves” to effectively prevent aqua planing by enabling excellent wet grip. It is well known that summer rain is the reason for many traffic accidents in the summer. So, having a tire like the Nokian zLine that protects from hydroplaning with its large swoop groves is an extra protection to keep you and your family safe.

All weather tires like the Nokian WR G3 tire have polished main grooves to effectively clean snow, slush, and water off the tire to ensure that the tire grips the road, thereby protecting you against both aquaplaning and slush planing. The rubber compound of all-weather tires remains flexible even in below freezing temperatures just like winter tires and the all-weather tire also features the snowflake mountain symbol. However, when you take a close look at the all-weather tire, you will find that it is somewhat different from a winter tire.

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