Tires For Your Mining Operations

For underground mining it is important to have state of the art equipment and match those with the best in class tires for each of the different equipment. The basic workhorse equipment that basically any mining operation will have is the articulated dump truck for easy maneuverability and an underground loader. The underground loader is of load-haul-dump type often with a low profile to fit even in small spaces in the mine. The equipment is very durable and rugged and built to last. Good maneuverability is key for the equipment in the small tunnels in the mines.

These machines need to be equipped with good mining tires, you need articulated dump truck tires and you need tires for the underground loader. You then will need some drilling and excavating equipment. Excavator and some drill rig or other type of equipment to mine with is then the most used equipment down in the mine. With these machines you get pretty far. All the equipment is very expensive, so utilization is important to provide efficient mining.

For the tires you need tires that have very high cut and crack resistant rubber. Driving precision and stability is key when you drive the special equipment that is built to have high maneuverability in the narrow spaces. Load capacity to keep up with the heaviest machines in the market is also essential. Consult the tires technical manual to make sure that you select the correct tire with the right load capacity for each machine, also make sure that you have the correct tire pressure for the specific tire.

Downtime can be very costly as the utilization rate diminishes, so it is important to keep maintenance at the highest level. Wash off the tires at the end of each shift and check the tires for any cuts or cracks. Tread depth and tire pressure should also be checked on a regular basis to ensure that the tires are operating under proper conditions. Repairing tires down in the mine is not the most convenient place and it will disturb the working pattern and cause downtime that can affect also the other equipment that are working down in the mine. Hopefully the regular maintenance and the continuous checks will reduce any unforeseen downtime so that operations can continue smoothly and at least the downtime due to tires can be diminished.

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