When to invest in studded tires

When should you invest in studded tires? Basically, nothing handles better on winter road than a studded winter tire. So, it really comes down to where you live and what kind of winter conditions you experience where you live. Living in upstate New York with very frequent winter storms, there is little question but to get studded winter tires put on your car. Icy and snowy conditions require a good winter tire to be safe. One family is experienced with driving in snow and ice but has two teenage daughters who just earned their drivers’ licenses, so their parents wanted the best tires possible to ensure their safety. They decided to invest in some high-quality winter tires but weren’t sure  if they should choose studded tires or non-studded tires.

Back in the day, studded snow tires were the tires to have for winter conditions, however there have been a lot of advances in rubber compounds along with other technologies which make having studded winter tires less vital, although still very helpful in certain conditions. Because of this family’s needs, they opted for studded tires –  more specifically the Nokian Nordman 7.

Nokian Nordman 7 tires are available both with studs and without studs, however the family opted for the factory-studded version. Since they live on a hill, climbing ability also played a role when choosing tires. They needed good traction to make it up the driveway and into the garage. One thing to consider with studded tires is that they would be nosier on regular roads, however as the roads are packed with snow in the winter where they live, noise won’t be an issue.

Some of the other benefits of having invested in high quality winter tires are improved braking, traction and safety. Winter tires stop faster on snow and ice than all-season or all-weather tires. This is because of the extra grip which maximizes traction, with the studs even more so. Winter tires are made of a flexible rubber compound as well as a unique tread design that is meant to be used on ice, snow and slush. They do not have any compromises for other seasons like their all season and all weather counterparts. When you install them on your car, you will benefit a great deal from increased traction and control of your car both for accelerating and braking.

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