Can you get all-weather tires for your hybrid or electric car?

A driver was in the market to get all-weather tires for his new Toyota Prius. He knew that he didn’t want to deal with changing tires during the different seasons but needed a tire that would be able to handle the winters here in the Sierra foothills. While doing her homework, she ran across an all-weather tire suitable for a hybrid or electrical car. She opted for the Nokian WR G4 which is a high performing tire for all seasons.

It was important for her to have a tire that would handle well even in winter and was the reason for choosing an all-weather tire compared to all-season tires. This is because all-season tires are only good in three seasons and not four as the name would have you believe. All-weather tires are marked with the Mountain Snowflake symbol which indicates that they are designated for use in severe winter conditions. Having a Toyota Prius, the driver was aware that hybrids are heavier than regular cars and therefore need maximum grip to guarantee excellent braking on icy and snowy roads. She felt the Nokian WR G4 was a reliable tire for her family’s safety in winter driving conditions.

The Nokian WR G4 tires combine high performance, excellent handling through all seasons while allowing reliable grip no matter what the forecast. It steers well on dry as well as wet with predictable grip all year round even on snow and ice. It is designed with many new innovations like the “Snow Claws” which improve longitudinal grip especially on snow, “Groove Lifts” which improve stiffness and thereby handling, and silent sidewall technology to reduce noise and vibrations with its specially tailored rubber compound.

When looking into what tires to buy for your hybrid for use all year round, you need to keep in mind what kind of driving you will be doing and where you live. As our driver lives in the Sierra foothills, she needed a tire that could perform well in winter conditions; however, if she lived for example in Southern California, all-season tires could have sufficed. Keep in mind that dedicated summer or winter tires will always outperform an all year round tire in their perspective seasons. The Prius owner is satisfied with the all-weather tires especially as she is not driving a high performance vehicle and prefers to not have to change between winter and summer tires and dealing with storing of tires in the garage.

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