All-season tires for use in three seasons

All-season tires

Are you looking to buy all-season tires to be able to keep one tire all year around without out jeopardizing driving performance in the summer? The advantage of a tire that can be used all year around is obvious; however, will it give you the handling you are looking for in the summer? All-season tires  are designed to be used in three seasons, and they’re especially designed for use in summer.

Unlike an all-weather tire, all-season tires are not able to handle snow and ice and are therefore not marked with the Three-peak Mountain Snowflake symbol that indicates they are designated for use in severe winter conditions. This difference between all-season tires and all-weather tires is the very reason that all-season tires perform better in the summer time. This is because all-weather tires can be considered like a hybrid between an all-season tire and a winter tire. This more aggressive tread design makes it less ideal for driving on dry asphalt compared to an all-season tire. All-season tires also handle the summer heat better, since they are designed to handle a larger temperature range without compromising performance.

There are many all-season tires on the market, such as the Nokian eNTYRE 2.0, which has a unique tread pattern that provides excellent wet grip and a smooth, quiet ride while remaining environmentally friendly. It also has Silent Sidewall technology that reduces noise and vibration. The polished lateral and inside grooves also allow water to evacuate, protecting from hydroplaning. Hydroplaning is a real risk during the summer rains and is a major reason for accidents during the summer months.

All-season tires can be used year-round in many areas in North America, but keep in mind that an all-season tire does not have the Three-peak Mountain Snowflake emblem rating it for use in severe winter conditions. Even though they cannot provide the best performance in all seasons compared to dedicated winter tires, they do allow drivers to keep one set of tires all year if they do not live in areas with severe winter weather. The Nokian eNTYRE 2.0’s innovative design assures ultimate safety and excellent handling on both wet and dry surfaces. This is because of many new innovations, like polished grooves and Silent Sidewall technology, which minimizes noise and vibration.

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