When to choose studded tires versus non-studded tires

If you live in an area with severe winters, it is important to invest in high-quality tires. There are many good winter tires on the market, and it’s not always easy to know which tires to choose. To complicate matters even further, there are both non-studded winter tires and studded winter tires. All dedicated winter tires, studded and non-studded, hold the three-peak mountain snow flake symbol that indicates they meet the required performance criteria in snow testing to be considered severe snow service-rated. So, what makes studded tires better than non-studded tires for some drivers?

Studded tires have metal studs embedded within the tread that are designed to dig into the ice and provide ultimate traction. The drawback with studded tires is that they can only be used in winter months and are actually outlawed in several states. This is because the studs that are so efficient in providing traction on ice and snow can damage bare roads.

In recent years, there have been a lot of advances in rubber compounding technology, tread design and other unique technologies that make the need for studded tires less vital. Non-studded winter tires generally have deeper tread depth, which allows the tire to maintain traction by managing snow and slush dispersion from under the tire. Tires like the Nokian Nordman 7 come with both options, either factory studded or without studs. This gives the consumer the option to choose based on his or her needs, while enjoying a state-of-the-art tire that has been uniquely designed to handle the harshest of winters.

The Nokian Nordman 7’s factory-studded version features an innovative stud design and stud support system that takes grip and stability to an advanced level. It has a new eco-stud system as well as a stud run-in indicator. It also has bear claw technology, which offers unrelenting grip with its sharp-edged claw-like projections. The bear claws also help keep the studs perpendicular to the road, which is the ideal position especially during braking and lateral movement.

Whether choosing the non-studded or factory studded version of this high-quality winter tire, you will not be disappointed. For SUVs there is the Nokian Nordman 7 SUV studded tires.

The factory-studded version ensures the quality, durability and fit of the studs and delivers the best possible tire-stud function. The air cushion beneath the stud on both the passenger and SUV winter tires offers a lighter-rolling tire that is less damaging to the surface of the road than ordinary studded tires without compromising driver safety.

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