Choosing tires for SUVs

With summer coming to an end, you might wonder if all-season tires are still a good choice for the upcoming fall and winter. Well, this depends on the winter weather conditions where you live.  All-season tires are a flexible year-round option if you live in an area with three seasons. Contrary to what the name of the tires would have you believe, all-season tires are actually only suitable for 3 seasons and are not meant to be used in severe winter conditions. They do not hold the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol signifying use in severe winter conditions like an all-weather tire or winter tires.

One all-season tire, the Nokian Rotiiva HT, has one of the most advanced highway tread designs featuring industry-leading technology. The tire is ultra-quiet and sturdy, providing comfort and safety. It handles well on asphalt and gravel alike and can even handle light off-road conditions. The Nokian Rotiiva HT makes use of many new innovations that keep the main grooves clean, thereby improving aquaplaning properties while extending the tire life by preventing stone drilling.

Other innovations used in the tire are an all new high-modulus tread compound, stone ejectors, silent groove design, Silent Sidewall technology, polished grooves and low rolling resistance (which makes it an eco-friendly tire). With its staggered lateral grooves, the Nokian Rotiiva HT can handle any weather as it removes water with ease and maintains a good grip on the road, providing stronger handling. Its Aramid Sidewall technology is one of the strongest sidewall compounds on the market and allows the tire to be incredibly durable and able to resist cuts and impacts due to strong aramid fibers. In fact, this same material is used in the aerospace and defense industries. The groove lifts that are shaped between the tread blocks on the outer shoulder area improve precision and steering feel, especially when driving fast around corners. Circumferential grooves that are located on the tire’s shoulders allow for improved lateral grip and reduce rolling resistance.

All-season tires are a great option for year-round driving in areas with three seasons and are well-equipped to handle the unpredictable weather of autumn. The Nokian Rotiiva HT offers many new innovations to help protect from hydroplaning and other unexpected dangers on the road. It is a high-quality SUV all season tire.

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