Skidder tires that can help pull the biggest trees

Skidders are used in forestry to drag the trees that have been felled to the landing where they can be delimbed and cut to length and put on a truck for transportation to a saw or paper mill. The forest is a tricky environment where driving any type of vehicle will be very challenging. In additions a full tree is extremely heavy, so you need massive equipment to be able to withstand the loads of the trees and forestry tires that can withstand the combined load and to have the traction to be able to drag the trees to the landing.

As you can imagine there is a lot that these forest tires have to withstand. They are not only challenged by the slippery stones and steep hills, but also by sharp rocks and stubs that easily can damage the most durable tires. Then you have the heavy loads combined with having to drag a tree through this rough terrain, without loosing any grip. As you can see there are easily a lot of things that can go wrong. To improve the grip you can use over the tire tracks or chains in addition that the skidder tires are designed for ultimate grip in the forest with a tread design that has been optimized to deal with these conditions. To withstand the load and impacts, very durable rubber compound is used. They are reinforced to prevent cut and cracks.

Avoiding problems in the forest either if it is equipment failure or tire failure should be a key focus. It becomes very costly if you have unscheduled maintenance and if it happens deep in the forest it can be very costly and time consuming. The best ways to avoid problems is to invest in high quality equipment and tires and make sure that the maintenance is adequate and of high class. Identifying problems before they grow into failures can save a lot of money, so it should be done on a regular basis. Easy steps like daily cleaning of the equipment and tires can easily reveal any minor damages. If you notice some problems make sure to address them immediately.

By having the right foundation for a successful operation and the right processes in place will make the work smoother and more productive, with less downtime.

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