Forestry improvements over the years

Forestry has seen a lot of improvements over the year and the biggest improvements into the efficiency is the introduction of machines. Today all the work can be done via machines, so you have barely anything done with an axe or even a chainsaw. Today’s equipment can fell the tree and get them to the landing without any manual work, except the driving and controlling the vehicle. This means that a lot more trees can be cut and fewer people will be involved. With the improved productivity you are of course more reliant on that the equipment will not fail you.

Tire failure can if you select the wrong forest tires, be the biggest reason for problems. The tires have to endure a lot when driving in the forest and they have to provide excellent grip in very difficult terrain. You have everything from tree stumps, bogs, muds, slippery rocks and even challenging weather conditions making it impossible to master without the correct tire selection. The different vehicles also have some different characteristics, so you will need to have different tires with its own features to provide the best tire when it comes to grip, performance and trouble free service time.

A forest tire must be able to get your equipment far into the forest without failing you. They have to overcome all the challenges with the terrain, providing good grip regardless if it is mud or slippery rocks and steep slopes. They also have to be able to withstand the heavy loads and be very resistant to cracks and cut, so that you don’t end up with punctures tires deep in the forest. You don’t want to end up with problems deep in the forest, so the better equipment that you have that is able to give you long trouble free service life, the more productive your business will be.

When selecting the best forest tires, be it your harvester tires, logger tires, forwarder tires or you skidder tires, the technical tire manual will be able to assist and guide you in your selection process. It will make sure that you can select a tire that will get the job done regardless of conditions and still having excellent grip both with our without chains that can be used with the forest tires if you need that extra grip.

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