New innovations in studded tires

When residing in an area with severe winter weather the safest choice for winter tires is a dedicated winter tire with studded winter tires being the ultimate choice. Nothing is more adapted to icy and snowy roads than studded winter tires. You can think of it as having the appropriate footwear when going outside in different seasons of the year. You would not go out with sandals in the wintertime so with dedicated winter tires you will be well prepared for the winter season. Winter tires are available both studded and non-studded with the studded tires giving the ultimate traction. If not comfortable driving on ice and snow you might be better off with tires that allow for the maximum traction.

There have been a lot of innovations in winter tires both studded tires and non-studded. This make the winter tires off today much more environmentally friendly and fuel efficient. There has also been a lot of improvements in the stud technology. Tires like the Nokian Nordman 5 makes use of the new eco stud system. This eco stud system is an eco-friendly, next generation anchor stud, a flange design that reduces stud impact and with a patented eco stud cushion the functioning of the stud is improved while dampening road contact. The new stud concept balances the longitudinal and lateral ice grip allowing for excellent handling and stability. With each stud being uniquely distributed with the help of computer optimization, no longer in rows but rather evenly distributed throughout the entire tread of the tire. This assures that no stud travels behind another, which guarantees the best possible grip. This is the advantage of factory installed studs. This tire is available both factory-studded and without studs, leaving both options available to the consumer.

Some of the other benefits of having invested in a good pair of winter tires is better braking, traction and safety. The winter tires stop much faster than either all-season tires or all-weather tires. This is because of the extra grip which maximizes traction, with the studs even more so. Winter tires are made of a flexible rubber compound as well as a unique tread design that is meant to be used on ice, snow and slush. They do not have any compromises for other seasons like their all season and all-weather counterparts.

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