What tires are best for unpredictable weather?

With fall approaching and with it signifying quite unpredictable weather, from rain to high winds and in some areas even black ice. You might wonder what kind of tires are best for this unpredictable weather. This really depends on where you live as the change of weather in the fall can be quite different depending on where you live. If the area where you live has severe winters, then fall can already signify colder temperatures, black ice and even early snow fall. In areas like this you would be better off with all-weather tires as they are rated for winter use.

This will allow for better handling on black ice and snow. If the area where you live does not have winters and milder seasonal changes, then all-season tires might be a better choice. Rain is probable the one thing that is fairly common in the fall no matter where you live. This in combination with wind makes the choice of good tires an important one. With a good set of tires that can handle rain and remain stable in high winds. The good news is that with the new innovations in all-season tires they come well equipped to handle all kinds of weather conditions throughout the year

The Nokian zLine A/S tires are especially designed to offer safety and performance while offering a luxurious driving experience throughout the year. With their “Aramid Sidewall technology” they are well equipped to handle rugged roads, as their reinforced sidewall technology give increased protection against impact and cuts being made up of strong aramid fibers, the same ones that are used in the aerospace industries, rendering the tires virtually puncture proof.

The all-season tires can prove dangerous when roads turn into a snowy, slushy and icy mess so all-weather tires would be a better choice. The Nokian WR G4 all-weather tires are an excellent tire for driving in uncertain fall weather conditions including black ice and snow. This is because this high performing tire has reliable handling and grip in all seasons including winter. New innovations ensure performance in snowstorms, heavy rain and sun-scorched asphalt alike.

All-season tires are a great option for all year-round driving including the fall if living in an area without winters. With the all-weather tires being a better choice for all round driving in areas with winter weather For more tips on which SUV all-season tires to choose, visit nokiantires.com