Driving trucks through different countries during the winter season

When some of the trucks in your fleet will end up crossing country borders into countries that have winter tire regulations, it is important that you acknowledge these and comply. The Nordic countries e.g. have regulations that require all vehicles to have commercial winter tires mounted during the period when there are winter conditions on the roads. This means that you will need to have tires that have the 3PMSF-symbol on the sidewall of the tires.

Since you have non-studded tires for trucks, you can use them when you cross into countries that have banned studded tires, like Germany. The non-studded winter tires can be used in all countries and provide for safe driving in all conditions both when you have winter conditions and when you don’t. Nokian Tyres provide a wide range of commercial winter tires and they were actually the inventor of the winter tires for trucks to ensure safe transport of goods back in 1930-ies. That tradition has continued and just as it was needed back then it is still needed. The tires have improved drastically with constant introduction of new inventions making the tires better and better. This is why the non-studded tires have improved to the degree that they are basically on par with the studded tires.

Equipping your fleet with high quality tires will ensure that you provide good safety for all your drivers as well as the trucks and the goods that are being transported. Investing in good tires tend to generate savings in terms of increased productivity, where there are less delays and tire problems along the way. In addition good tires provide lower rolling resistance, which leads to lower fuel costs. So for the long haul this can generate big savings. Combine that with less downtime and keeping stricter timetables enables higher productivity.

So regardless if you need regional truck tires or long haul tires, the choice should be the same, a high quality tire that in addition can be retreaded for additional environmental savings as well as drastically lower overall tire costs. A good carcass from a high quality tire can be retreaded one to two times. So buy taking the initial higher investment, you can make savings during a longer lifetime and provide winter as well as all year round safety.

For more information regarding commercial winter tires for trucks, visit: https://www.nokianheavytyres.com/