Forestry work during the winter require very good tires

Working in the forest in remote areas put a lot of demand on both the equipment used as well as the tires used. Winter logging might be the biodiversity as there is less disturbance of the topsoil that will be frozen. There are some advantages of logging during wintertime as some areas might be more accessible and even though you have to fight the ice and snow you will not have the rain and mud that can also cause severe problems. So by having good equipment and excellent forest tires, you can choose when you do the logging.

Nokia Tyres is the global leader when it comes to forest tires, they are built to last and originate from Finland that has massive forest industry and where the logging is also done during the winter. By working with both equipment manufacturers as well as its direct customers, they have been able to develop tires for the various forest equipment that are used and to meet their main challenges. This enables for long trouble free service life for the tires in conditions that are among the harshest. So regardless if you are logging during the summer or winter, they can overcome those conditions and provide the necessary grip. They can manage mud, bogs, swamps and slippery rocks during the snow free season and then snow and ice during the winter season.

In Finland they use the cut to length logging method, so by using a harvester and a forwarder, so the selection of harvester tires and forwarder tires is wide. Nokian Tyres also provide tires for full length logging with a range of skidder tires and feller buncher tires. These tires are best in class when you need to rely on tires that will provide the grip both with our without tracks or chains these tires will not let you down. They will also not rupture, cut or crack due despite the heavy loads or due to sharp rocks or stumps. So that you can enjoy more productive time rather than unscheduled downtime that can cause massive delays and add extra costs to your operations.

So check the technical tire manual for the range of tires that are available and the best option for the machines that you have and you need tires for.

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