Make sure that the tires can handle sharp objects at building sites

When using earthmoving equipment at construction sites, it is important that you have premium tires on your equipment that can handle sharp debris that will be lying around the construction site. This can easily damage your tires on your wheel loaders, dump trucks and excavators. On a site you will have a lot of metal debris and sharp rocks that easily can damage tires, especially if you don’t have very durable tires that are properly reinforced.

At later stages on construction sites, you might not do any more excavation, but you will still need a loader and a dump truck to remove some of the heavy garbage and debris. While working you want to make sure that you have an aggressive tread pattern for superior grip while you might even need a radial all-steel construction for avoiding cuts and cracks. You need to make sure that the tires can handle the heavy loads, not crack under the pressure and not rupture or puncture due to the surroundings.

When looking for loader tires and excavator tires, you will have quite similar specs, even for the dump truck tires; will have some similar properties when they are used on site. Tires for dump truck will need to have on and off road tires, with properties, where they have to be able to deliver according to the circumstances present while on site and then have the properties for on road driving. On road driving requires that the tires will have low rolling resistance for low heat build up and low tire wear.  Driving comfort is also important in the way that the drive needs to be smooth.

By ensuring that your equipment have proper tires you can often ensure that you will be able to avoid delays due to tire problems or due to not being able to delivery due to delays caused by not having prober grip. There might even be instances where you will need to have winter tires, so that work can continue regardless of weather conditions. You don’t want to have massive delays just because the tires are not capable to handle winter weather. This can end up being an expensive situation, where you just have wait for better weather. If your area might have snow, you should be prepared for it.

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