Make sure your underground mine tires are the best you can get

When working both in underground mines and similarly in tunneling, you have a few things in common.  You are working in confined spaces, drilling through rock and having sharp rocks and debris all around you. The confined space, mean that some of the equipment will have to be adapted to the smaller space. Due to the harsh conditions, the equipment used has to be extremely durable and resistant to impacts. The tires have to be able to also handle these very extreme conditions where it is a combination of very heavy loads and the sharp rocks and debris. This in combination with the fact that any tire problems is more difficult to handle deep down in a mine.

It is essential to avoid any problems makes it very important to ensure that the mining tires that are chosen for the various machines used becomes very important. The costs associated with problems leads to the fact that price of the tires will be less significant than the performance. These tires have to deliver long and trouble free service lift. The tires will need to have cut and crack resistant rubber compound and enough steel reinforcement to prevent any punctures.  The loader tires, will need to have very good grip to be able to load the heavy debris into the dump truck, without slipping and then of course very durable. The excavator tires or drill rig tires also will need to have good stability and grip, so that the digging won’t be negatively impacted.

Productivity matters to ensure that the projects can finish on time and not be delayed. Tunneling projects have to meet specific timelines to ensure that the overall projects can be completed on time and for the contracting companies not to be penalized. For the mining projects it is more about general productivity, as delays will cause less profit and more costs, so both factors are affecting you negatively. So this puts a lot of pressure on you actually selecting the correct tires from the start. Tires that are built to last and that will get the job done without any problems or delays. By using the technical manual, you can get a good overview of the full assortment of tires that is available for mining applications, so that you can select the right ones.

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