Make sure that the tires can handle the load

When you are buying new tires for your heavy equipment, then you will need to make sure that the tires can handle the loads. The equipment have been getting bigger and so have the various attachments, so it does put a lot of importance on the tire selection and making sure that they are able to handle the max weight that you will be working with.

Sufficient traction to handle the tasks, being durable and sufficiently puncture resistance and having a crack and cut resistant rubber compound to ensure that the tire can handle the high loads will be critical when selecting tires. Mining tires, for the equipment that have to work in underground mines, will need to be extremely durable and have to be able handle the harsh conditions.  Failure to do so can be very costly and time consuming, as you repairs in deep mines are more tricky than doing it at a service station. Proper maintenance needs to be in place to ensure that tire failures don’t happen too often and the tire selection has to be overlooked if there are repetitive failures, as the tires might be wrong for the conditions or the load.

Similarly the forest machines have gotten bigger and heavier and they still have to be able to get deep into the forest to do their work. This puts a lot of extra requirements on the forestry tires, to ensure that they can handle the load and the conditions without failure. The tires load index and load at various tire pressures can be found in the technical tire manual, where you find the right tires for the equipment that you use. There are also the different available dimensions.

Once you have chosen a tire with the correct load index, then you have to make sure that the tire is the correct one for the conditions that you plan to use it in. Some tires are more focused on grip and some are more targeted for durability. The harder and more costly it is to change a damaged tire, the more durable it has to be and the more you have to invest into preventive maintenance to ensure that you can limit the unscheduled repairs occasions. Managing this process will be critical part of your overall success.

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