Nokian Forest King-a radial tire for your cut to length forestry machines

When you are looking for a high quality forestry tire for your harvester or your forwarder, the Nokian Forest King offers a great radial tire that can add comfort to the forestry work, so that work can be done at a higher work rate. Radial tires can absorb shocks better and make the driving in the rough terrain in the forest smoother. The Nokian Forest King is actually the only radial tire for cut to length forestry machines. The have a wider contact area so that they have lower surface impact and also prevents sinking on soft surfaces

When driving on uneven surfaces and having stumps and rocks as obstacles, the drive can be quite bumpy and uncomfortable. However radial tires even out the drive, which means that you can drive at higher speeds between the different areas. They also have lower rolling resistance, which means lower fuel costs and lower environmental impact due to lower CO2 emissions.

When you are working with cut to length forestry, you will rely on a harvester to fell the tree and delimb it from the branches. A forwarder will then follow up in the same trail and load the logs onto the forwarder for transport to the landing. This process is different from full tree forestry where the trees are dragged to the landing by a skidder. The forwarder is carrying the logs clear from the ground and can therefore reduce the soil impact.

The forest provides you with some really harsh driving conditions and different surfaces that can vary between swamps, bogs, mud, rocks, moss covered rocks and even snowy conditions. You really need very durable tires and you need to ensure that the tires can provide your equipment with the traction, so that you are not slowed down. Most harvester tires and forwarder tires can use both tracks or operate without and the Nokian Forest King work great without tracks but even when you put tracks on these they work better than conventional bias forest tires as they have better side stability. They also have patented side puncture protection so that you can avoid having your tires punctured by stumps or sharp rocks. Avoiding downtime due to tire related problems can save your operations a lot of money.

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