Some of the tires that you should include in the selection

If you are looking for good tires for your forestry equipment, you will probably be looking at Nokian Tyres, as they are the global market leader when it comes to forestry tires. They have a long history of working both with its customer and the equipment manufacturers to develop world-class tires that can perform in the toughest of conditions. Finland has these conditions in its own country with some of the harshest weather conditions combined with a terrain that include all the challenges that you can imagine.

If you are looking for harvester tires or forwarder tires, you probably will include Nokian Forest King or the Nokian Forrest Rider into your selection. The Nokian Forest Rider are radial tires and allow for a more comfortable ride, can handle higher loads and higher speeds. Both tire options have great traction in all forest conditions and can be used with or without tracks for when the conditions require them. You will also have excellent lateral grip, to keep you on the path.

If you are looking for skidder tires, then you will have the choice between Nokian Logger King and the Nokian Forest King. The Nokian Logger King tires are made for the biggest machines. They are extremely durable and built for long trouble free service life, which is what you need deep in the forest where any problems can quickly become costly and will slow down your operation. Fixing problems deep in the forest are by default challenging and costly and should be avoided by investing into premium tires and ensuring a good proactive service maintenance program that ensures that you can avoid costly downtime.

For finding the optimal tires for forestry that will enhance the performance of your forestry equipment and make sure that you can perform the work duties everyday regardless of weather conditions. Consult the technical tire manual to assure that you can match the dimension and the load that you require, so that you can find the market leader tires that will have the best grip and performance. So regardless if you are doing cut to length forestry or full tree, Nokian Tyres have tires that will get the job done without problems, so that you can enjoy high productivity without having to suffer from costly downtime.

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