Some ways to improve your heavy equipment

One of the easiest ways to improve your equipment is to match it with the tire that complement the equipment the best. Tires can translate the performance of both the equipment and its tires to a superior output performance, where you can perform in any conditions without any problems. Great traction and stability are two characteristics that most want from their heavy tires then comes durability and long trouble free service life, if you can combine this into a tire, then you have a good foundation for optimal performance together with your equipment.

A backhoe loader for example will need to have a combination of very stable tires for the excavation and good traction for the loader work. This is why backhoe loader tires are different and very specialized. They also have to adapt to the new heavier loads and heavier attachments that are used nowadays. Durability will also be key so that they can handle the sharp rocks and debris that will be present on the ground. You need to know that the loader tires are cut and crack resistant so that they can hold up for the load and for potential side impacts.

When you look at underground mining equipment, here the tires can be a real mess if you don’t get the tire selection under control. In underground mines and tunnels you have some really harsh conditions, with narrow space and the likelihood that your tires will be bruised and abused daily. So if you don’t select the correct mining tires that can actually handle the extreme conditions that the tires are exposed to, then you will have a lot of tire related problems. If you start having tire failures or a high degree of downtime due to tires, then you should re-evaluate your tire choice.  

Make use of the technical tire manual to check that the tire choice is consistent with the max load, dimensions and that the usage area is correct. The tire’s inflation pressure can also be found in there, to ensure that you have the correct tire pressure.  It is important that you check the inflation pressures regularly as too low can damage the sidewalls and also causes excessive wear. Then you also need to check the tire wear so that you know when to change the tires to a new set.

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