Tires for the various forest industries around the world

When you are looking for cut to length forestry tires, then you have a few tires to select between. Cut to length is the main method in Europe, while North America uses mainly full tree technology for forestry. The difference is where the trees are cut and de-limbed, where the cut to length is all done at the same time as the tree is felled, where the harvester fell the tree and de-limb it and cut it into specific length logs. In full tree, you instead fell the tree and drag it through the forest to the landing. This is a bit more time consuming and require more equipment and it can be hard on the top soil that gets disrupted as you drag heavy trees through the forest.

With cut to length, you have some benefit of leaving the branches that can add nutrients and protect the top layer. You can also use your forwarder to carry more trees out of the forest to the landing and you can manage with two machines to work in pair and clear the forest. In the vast forests in the Nordics, it has seen to be the best and most productive method to do it.

Nokian Tyres, which is a Finnish tire company, have become a global market leader supplying forest tires to the forest industry, where they have worked closely with the Nordic customers and the equipment manufacturer’s to develop the best tires that can perform in those challenging conditions. They have also worked with other markets and have developed world-class tires for also full tree forestry. Working with equipment manufacturer and customers have been the key to solve the challenges that they had working in harsh conditions, to develop tires that can provide traction in challenging conditions. The range today of harvester tires, forwarder tires and even a range for skidders.

They even have great truck tires for timber trucks, which will need tires that can reach the landing, where it can be muddy and also they have to be protected from sharp branches and rocks available there. Therefore the tires need to have great properties for on and off road use. Nokian Tyres have developed a range of on and off road tires for this and similar purposes.

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