Earthmoving and road maintenance tires for Nordic conditions

One might wonder what is meant by Nordic conditions and it basically means that you have 4 distinct seasons with the winter season being very harsh with a lot of snow and ice combined with some occasional very low temperatures. This means that the equipment that need to do construction and road maintenance work will need to work all year round and have to tackle the harsh winter weather. The tires will need to provide you with sufficient grip even during harsh winter weather. If they work in the Nordics, they will basically work anywhere around the world.

The main equipment used for these tasks are excavators, wheel loader and dump trucks in addition backhoe loaders, tractors and road graders belong to the equipment frequently used. Road graders play a crucial role in ensuring that the road will be perfectly level before they apply the top levels. So not only do these tires need to provide the grip during the warm summers, but also when working in snowy and icy conditions, when the work has to be done regardless of weather conditions. That is when you are happy that you can turn to Nokian Heavy Tyres range of tires. They have been used for decades in these applications and have constantly improved to ensure higher productivity as also the machines have improved. The machines tend to gain in power and weight and the tires need to respond for the higher loads.

When trying to find the tires for an excavator you can use the Nokian Tyres technical tire manual to see the full range of excavator tires. The new Nokian Ground Kare is a new tire for excavators and backhoe loaders for versatile contracting work. They are built to absorb shocks and swings to make the excavator very stable. They have bigger blocks, which makes road driving very comfortable as you travel between work sites. So if you need versatile excavator or backhoe tires, this is a new exciting addition that might suit your needs. They even have a semi-slick version that is designed for railway work. This is what comes from working closely with the equipment manufacturers and its customers, developing products, which solves a need in the market place. Now you have a superior tire for that specific application.

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Wear resistant and cost effective tires for harbors and material handling

There are not that many equipment with tires within the harbors as most cranes are on tracks, but you do have some for additional flexibility. The RTG cranes will have special RTG tires. Wear resistance is key as RTG tires are not he easiest of tires to change, so you will need to make sure that this is as infrequent as possible. For the tires to be cost effective more relates to that they can exhibit a long service life with limited maintenance.

In addition to the RTG cranes and straddle carriers, you will have a lot of terminal tractors that can move around the container trailers around the terminal. The terminal tractor tires need to be able to handle the heavy load of a full container while it maneuvers around the terminal where you need predictable handling as you move the containers around. A terminal tractor will generally have 6 tires, 2 front tires and 4 rear tires that are double mounted. The tires tend to be designed with low profile, so that they can work in cramped environments with limited vehicle heights. As you maneuver in these tight spaces, you will need tires that allow for precise driving response with predictable handling.

In material handling you will also have forklifts that can handle very high loads, you will have your reach stackers and telescopic loaders. You can also have specialty machines like a timber handler, which has special claws to grip the logs so that you can load them onto a truck or then off a truck for further transportation of use of the timber. All the vehicles that are working within the harbors and material handling field will rely on the durability of high quality tires. Tire failure and downtime tend to outweigh the cost difference between cheaper and the high quality tires.

To ensure that you select the right tire for the right equipment that you plan to use for the material handling, you should check the technical tire manual to make sure that the tire you plan to purchase is intended for the use you are planning. You can find the right dimensions from the manual as well as find out the load limits and the correct tire pressure for the intended tire.

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Agriculture tires for the rapidly changing environment

Farming today is much more run by equipment than in the past, which of course has improved the productivity. This enables a smaller farm to become profitable that is if they can leverage the machine costs. Todays tractors are getting bigger, packed with more power and can handle higher speeds. With more and more people wanting locally produced food, they are willing to pay a premium for organically farmed and for products that don’t have to travel long distances as it has less of an environmental impact.

To maximize the utilization of the equipment needed, contracting has become a big part of today’s farming. You can outsource part of the work to contracting companies that can do the work for you, which can be cheaper than purchasing the specific equipment needed. The contracting companies can purchase the equipment and cater a large number of farms to keep the utilization high. In a similar way local farms owners can also do contracting work on a smaller scale to other farms in the area. To cater to this type of higher equipment utilization, you will need higher quality agriculture tires. Tires that can do the job without much maintenance or problems are of high demand. A long service life is key to a profitable operation.

The key in farming is the flotation tires have has a low surface pressure and thus has a lower impact on the compaction of the soil. This ensures that you have a higher yield versus normal tractor tires. It is not only the tractor that requires flotation tires; you need to also fit your trailers with agricultural trailer tires that are of flotation type.

During the winter season you can also use your tractor to take on various snow removal contract work. This tends to be quite well paid, as people want to have full access, which require immediate snow removal. You will need to have winter commercial tireson your tractor that will give you enough grip on snowy and icy roads to be able to perform the snow clearing tasks. You also need to have tires that can easily operate on normal roads and can drive at high speeds with good driving comfort, so that you can easily take on contracting work to improve the profitability of your farming business.

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Skidder tires that can help pull the biggest trees

Skidders are used in forestry to drag the trees that have been felled to the landing where they can be delimbed and cut to length and put on a truck for transportation to a saw or paper mill. The forest is a tricky environment where driving any type of vehicle will be very challenging. In additions a full tree is extremely heavy, so you need massive equipment to be able to withstand the loads of the trees and forestry tires that can withstand the combined load and to have the traction to be able to drag the trees to the landing.

As you can imagine there is a lot that these forest tires have to withstand. They are not only challenged by the slippery stones and steep hills, but also by sharp rocks and stubs that easily can damage the most durable tires. Then you have the heavy loads combined with having to drag a tree through this rough terrain, without loosing any grip. As you can see there are easily a lot of things that can go wrong. To improve the grip you can use over the tire tracks or chains in addition that the skidder tires are designed for ultimate grip in the forest with a tread design that has been optimized to deal with these conditions. To withstand the load and impacts, very durable rubber compound is used. They are reinforced to prevent cut and cracks.

Avoiding problems in the forest either if it is equipment failure or tire failure should be a key focus. It becomes very costly if you have unscheduled maintenance and if it happens deep in the forest it can be very costly and time consuming. The best ways to avoid problems is to invest in high quality equipment and tires and make sure that the maintenance is adequate and of high class. Identifying problems before they grow into failures can save a lot of money, so it should be done on a regular basis. Easy steps like daily cleaning of the equipment and tires can easily reveal any minor damages. If you notice some problems make sure to address them immediately.

By having the right foundation for a successful operation and the right processes in place will make the work smoother and more productive, with less downtime.

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Wheeled loaders and their tires

Wheel loaders are very common machines as they are quit versatile and they are mainly used to transport materials within the site of a project. It can be materials that have been dug up, that need to be moved to another place, or moved away with a dump truck. They use the bucket that can be scoped and lifted as the material is being moved. Most of the loaders uses wheels versus tracks as you can faster move around the site, they also don’t damage asphalt roads to the same extent that tracked versions do.

In order to successfully load the bucket, you will need to have good grip. This means that the wheel loader tires have to be providing this grip. Without sufficient grip, the tires will slip and you will have a hard time filling the bucket. It reduces your productivity and it will take longer time to move or remove the material. This is why it is important that you select a high quality tire that can get the job done without any problems. The tires have to withstand high loads and have to be very cut and crack resistant. As you have a lot of sharp building materials, sharp rocks and other debris that can be found at building sites, the tires have to be very puncture resistant.

If you work in areas that also have snow during the wintertime, then you have to have wheel loaders tires that can work well on snow. A lot of loaders are also used to remove snow. Often the bucket can be removed and you can use other attachments that are better suited for various projects, such as snowplow or forks to use it as a fork lifter for heavy pallets. If you plan to use the wheel loader in winter conditions, you have to make sure that you select winter loader tires that will be able to provide good grip in winter conditions.

There are some heavy tires that perform very well in winter conditions and are preferred by contractors that are working with snow removals in areas that have high requirements on effective snow removal. This would be places where the need for fast and effective removal of snow, like airports, harbors and terminals, where it is very costly to have weather based interruptions.

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You might need different tires during the winter season

When you are working with heavy equipment such as wheel loaders and excavators, you might need to assess if you need to equip them with tires that are more suitable for winter conditions. Since with these type of equipment you are reliant on good grip and stability to perform the tasks that are required. There are heavy loads combined with ability to get the job done regardless of weather or surface.

Each one of these different machines has different requirements when it comes to the tires, depending on their main tasks that they perform. For the excavator you need to have very good stability while digging and good grip so that you can remain in one place. For a loader, you will need to have great traction combined with stability. They both have to be able to cope with very high loads and have to be very puncture resistant to be able to work in those environments without risking a flat tire.

Without the proper tires to do the job, you risk wasting a lot of time by tire slippage and each task taking longer time to perform. If you then add tire related problems, your work projects can quickly become unprofitable. You need excavator tires that will not let you down, that will provide sufficient stability and grip while you are digging. Then you need wheel loader tires that will provide you with sufficient grip so that you can scoop up all the material and deliver it to a dump truck or other location. If you don’t have sufficient grip then your tires will slip as you try to fill the bucket. So you will spend more time on doing the same job. This is why tire selection is so important. The cost of a wrong selection can far exceed the cost of the tires, so take your time to do the right decision.

It might be useful to use the technical tire manual when you try to find the right tires for the different machines. It has all the dimensions of the tires as well as what tire pressure should be used and the maximum loads for the tires. It is a very comprehensive manual that has a lot of information regarding the full range of tires, so that you can make the best tire decision.

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Forest tires that can most conditions

When it comes to forestry, you will have to rely on good quality tires to get the job done regardless of what conditions you will experience. The conditions are already very challenging in the forest, especially if you try to drive a large vehicle through it, if you then add different weather conditions to it, it can be almost impossible. To be able to conquer this you will need some real solid forestry tires and in some cases you might even need tracks or chains. A lot of the forestry tires are made so that you can easily add tracks or chains when it is needed.

Steep hills and slippery rocks and in some cases even snow and ice, will make the grip a high priority, so that you don’t waste time being stuck or having problems of getting where you need to go. When it comes to work, the work doesn’t wait for us, it needs to be done in a timely matter with as little delays as possible. Minimum downtime is of utter importance for the profitability of any operations. You will need to avoid unscheduled downtime and costly repairs. Maintenance is very important for these reasons. Proper maintenance has been shown to reduce cost and improve uptime and decrease the costly unscheduled downtime that can make some projects run into the red.

Forest equipment such as harvesters and forwarders need to be strong enough to climb the hills and combined with the right forestry tires. The equipment you have to work well with its tires to ensure perfect grip. Since the equipment is heavy and you are working with heavy trees, the tires need to be extremely durable and be able to carry the heavy loads. They also have to be durable enough not to puncture or rupture by having a cut and crack resistant rubber compound and being steel fortified for certain applications.

In addition you will need to make sure that you undertake proper tire maintenance on a daily basis to check the tires for potential cuts or cracks and regularly check the tread depth. The tires should be self cleaning, so that the treads don’t get clogged up by mud to reduce the grip, but you should wash the tires on a daily basis at the end of the shift to make the maintenance easier.

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Agriculture during the winter months

Farming is an all year round business, where the tasks vary during the different seasons. However you will need your tractor to be able to be able to work regardless of weather conditions. So if you live in an area with a lot of snow and ice, you will need to have agricultural tires for the tractor that can manage in winter conditions. The Nokian Hakkapeliitta TRI allows for excellent performance both during winter and summer conditions.  These tires offer the best possible winter performance without compromising the durability during the summer. This is not easy to do, but this tire shows the difference.

These tires have actually set the word record for fastest tractor on snow and ice and unmanned snow plowing speed record. This just confirms how good these tires are during the winter. They are perfect if you will need to perform cataract work during the slow winter months at the farm. Snow removal is an excellent extra income for any farm that already have some tractors, which have working capacity during the winter when a lot of areas needs to be cleared from snow to be fully operational. With the right tires on your tractor you have a good foundation for being able to easily take on some contract work.

Contract work does though require timely and precise work, regardless of weather. Especially if it comes down to snow clearing, then the work has to be done promptly during the worst weather conditions. Your trailers might require the same tires to ensure that what ever you have attached to the tractor will also have good grip. Agricultural trailer tires have to also be of high quality, so that they don’t slow you down when you get your job done.

The Nokian Hakkapeliitta TRI is also great on soil with great traction. The rubber compound is truly good for all seasons, so that you can use the same tire all year round. They are also good for both on and off road driving, so that if you need to drive on roads between contract jobs, these tires will get you there comfortably even at high speeds. You can even use studs on these tires as they have pre-marked stud locations in case you need even better grip and traction on ice, if you have jobs that require it.

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Heavier trucks needs more tires or more higher load bearing ones

As you might have noticed when you see heavy trucks is that they have an amazing amount of tires, there is easily more than 18 tires on a large truck including the trailer. The more tires that you have the less weight each tire has to take. It is basic physics and it has made the trucks to have double tires on most axles. Most trucks also travel great distances, so the tires have to be very wear resistant in addition to high load bearing.

The truck tires should be of so-called long haul tire type, so that they are wear resistant enough for the long distance. When it comes to big trucks the tire costs is far less important versus the cost of tire failure. Tire failure can be quite costly if it causes delays or on the trip repairs. A common reason for tire failure is low tire pressure and improper maintenance. When the truck has so many tires, it can easily happen that one or more tires will fail during the long haul, especially if they are not checked and maintained on a regular basis during the long drive. Dual tires are also not the easiest to check the tire pressure on, as it requires a bit more work and can thus often be neglected by drivers.

As winter is approaching it is also important to think about commercial winter tires for your truck, as you will need them if you drive through countries that have winter conditions. Without proper winter tires, you will not have the proper grip and handling when face snow, ice and slush. Accidents can seriously damage your drivers, the cargo and the reputation of the business. This makes the importance of ensuring that you have proper winter tires mounted at all times that you are driving in winter conditions.

When you select winter tires for long haul trucks, you should make sure that they have low rolling resistance so that your truck consume less fuel when driving with them on. Low rolling resistance also leads to lower tire wear, which further improves your tire economy. Low downtime and long service life will be key for a profitable and sustainable business. So regardless if you are buying summer or winter tires, make sure that you prioritize quality over low price.

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Best ways to save reduce your truck tire budget

Commercial winter tires

If you use commercial winter tires, of so-called all-season usage, they can delivery you safety throughout the year and allow you to use only one set of tires for year round use. This will improve your safety, while still only using one set of tires.

Good quality tires have the advantage that you can retread the carcass. Retreading can only be done as long as the carcass is in good condition and it can only be done once or twice. Retreaded tires that have been retreaded with top of the line tread is as good as a new tire, but it can drastically save you money as retreading can be done at a fraction of the cost of new tires. In addition you are reducing waste as you reuse the carcass.

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