What is a Summer Tire?

Having the best tires for summer is just as important as having the best tires for winter. You need to make sure that you have tires that can withstand the heat that is characterized by this season of the year. If you come from a place where the summers get extremely hot at some point, your tires can be easily ruined if they are not specifically meant to be used during the hot months. Hence getting a summer tire can be the solution to your problems if you would like to overcome this. Continue reading “What is a Summer Tire?”

Tips For Buying The Best Winter Tires

Buying the best winter tires is not a luxury, but something you must do if you value your safety when driving on the cold winter roads. The winter tires have much better grip on snow and ice. You will see a dramatic difference when you outfit them on your car as opposed to using all season tires. If you regularly drive on roads that are packed with ice or snow, the winter tires will be perfect for you because they hold well and stop faster. You will be able to negotiate corners and climb hills without sliding or veering off the road.

Before buying winter tires, you need to figure out whether you need studded or studless tires. The studless winter tires feature built-in metal teeth that will bite into ice and provide better traction. Their advantage is that they grip better on icy roads compared to their studless counterparts, something that makes them ideal when you are come from a coastal region where roads are mostly covered in snow during the cold season. However, the studded winter tires have the disadvantage of being noisy. Also the metal studs that they feature can damage the pavement.

When you decide to buy the winter tires, always purpose to buy them in a set of four. There are some people who purchase just two winter tires to use with other two all season tires. This is something you should not do at all because you would not be able to get the best performance from your vehicle in winter weather. This is because two wheels will grip and the other two will not. This can cause your vehicle to spin out of control and cause a very serious accident.

It is recommended to buy the winter tires early before even the winter approaches. Most tire shops normally stock these tires in fall, so there is no need of waiting until winter. The best thing about buying the tires early is that you are likely to get them at a reduced price. If you wait until winter, most retailers would probably have hiked the price because of the high demand. You will also be stuck with a picked over selection of tires if you wait until the winter season approaches to buy the winter tires. If you do not know how to install these tires, make sure that you hire an expert to do it for you.

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Things To Know About Summer Tires

Whether to buy summer tires or stick with the all season tires that your vehicle came with is a question that you may be asking yourself. While the factory-installed all season tires that most cars normally come with have a lot of benefits, they cannot beat summer tires in warm weather conditions. The summer tires are a good choice if you come from a place that never snows and temperatures are typically around 44 degrees Fahrenheit. They are especially suitable for urban areas that have warm climates and get some rain during the year. They prevent hydroplaning better than their all season counterparts at highway speeds.

Even though summer tires can boost driving performance in warm weather, you should be ready to pay a bit more for them. They cost more compared to their all season and winter counterparts. The good news is that they are worth the extra money that you will spend on them because they will help you get the best performance out of your car. If you are the kind of person who likes showing your vehicle’s abilities on the road, you would not worry too much about the extra costs that these tires come with.

The summer tires are designed to provide as much contact as possible with the road surface when you are driving. You will feel more connected with the road as you angle through curves and cruise down the highway.  Most people normally appreciate this experience when they embark on long summer road trips. When you are driving on dry, smooth roads, you will reach where you are going really fast even if it is a very long journey without feeling too exhausted behind the wheel.

If the car you drive is a performance car, summer tires are going to improve your driving experience in ways you never imagined. If you thought that all season tires were doing you good, wait until you switch to summer tires. The increased agility and control that the summer tires makes them perfect for high performing vehicles such as Mustangs, Taurus and other similar  vehicles. Apart from installing summer tires on your performance car, you can also outfit it with performance parts to make it more efficient on the road. There are special car parts that can improve the performance of your high performing car to a great extent.

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An Overview Of Summer Tires

When shopping for the best summer tires for your vehicle, there are quite a number of questions you may have on your mind. For instance, you may be wondering if these tires will perform well in rain. Surprisingly, the summer tires perform better than their all season counterparts on wet pavement. Their upsides are many when they are used in warmer weather conditions compared to other types of tires that are available on the market. They have better handling and can manage the summer heat without letting you down.

Summer tires, also known as performance tires, and are designed to provide excellent traction on both wet and dry roads. If you come from a place that does not experience true winter, you can use them all year round without the need of replacing them at some point. They are optimized for better grip whether it is slightly damp, it is baking hot or it is raining heavily on the road. The tread compound that they are made of contains a mix of rubber and fillers with sticky additives that ensure good road grip in wet conditions. This tread blend also makes the tires stiff enough to hold up well on the road and retain their shape when the temperatures become too hot.

When you look at the summer tires closely, you will notice that their patterns have shallower, straighter grooves compared to what you would see on all season tires. They also feature solid continuous ribs to allow more rubber to come into contact with the road when you are driving. This results into more stability when you are braking, accelerating and negotiating corners. Even when it is raining outside and the roads are wet, you will be able to drive, accelerate and stop your car without any problems.

Because the summer tires have unidirectional and asymmetrical tread patterns, their tire rotation options tend to be limited. The front tires may only be able to rotate to opposite sides instead of crisscrossing to ensure even tread wear. Another thing to know about summer tires is that they are not designed to offer any winter traction. When the temperatures become too cold, they become rigid. This makes them unsafe for driving on ice and snow packed roads. When winter comes, you just have to switch to winter tires if you had summer tires on your car.

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An Overview Of All Season Tires

Buying new tires for your vehicle is a very important process that should be taken with a lot of seriousness. You need to know the different types of tires that are available on the market to be in a position to choose the best ones for your vehicle. Among the popular tires that most car owners use on their vehicles are all season tires. Many vehicles are normally fitted with this type of tires when they leave the factory. If you come from a place that experiences warmer temperatures throughout the year, you may not feel the need to replace them at some point.

Since the all season tires are built to provide good fuel economy, a relatively quiet ride and a longer tread life, you can be sure that you are getting good value for your money when you buy them. It is for these reasons that they are very popular among many car owners. When installed and used properly, they can provide versatile performance and can perform well in many conditions including light winter driving and wet roads. They feature a combination of benefits from winter tires and summer tires.

The fact that all season tires are both winter and summer ready does not mean that they can perform well everywhere. In areas that experience very cold winter temperatures of below 7 degrees Celsius, you may still need to invest in the best winter tires to use during the cold months. The all season tires are unlikely to be as good as the specialist winter tires for the colder months. However, they can work better on wintry roads compared to their summer counterparts. Their major benefit is that they will save you the hassle of swapping tires whenever the cold season sets in.

Driving the all season tires is absolutely easy because of the strong traction and stable cornering that they provide in both dry and wet conditions. They feature specially designed tread blocks that ensure smooth evacuation of water when you are driving on wet roads. This reduces the risk of hydroplaning. If winter strikes and the weather is not too cold, you will not need to worry about a thing because the high density grooves that they feature will effectively help the tread to bite the surface of the road. They provide good grip even in freezing conditions.

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What To Know About Summer Tires

Having a car is definitely a huge achievement for most people. While buying the car can be so easy for some people, the biggest issue can be tuning that car to serve your interests well. You need to make sure that the car has comfortable seats, consumes fuel in a way that you are comfortable with, goes at a speed you like, and most importantly has the best tires. Since the tires literally carry the car and the people in it, you cannot make a mistake of having the wrong ones on your car.

There are different types of tires on the market that are suitable for different vehicles and seasons. If you have an SUV for instance, you will find tires that are meant for SUVs on the market. Also make sure that the tires you will buy are suitable for the particular weather in your area. If it is summer, you need to buy the best summer tires for your vehicle. Using tires that are meant for winter in summer can put your life at risk and also cause damage to the roads that you will be driving on. So be sure to take your time to look for the right tires that will not disappoint you.

There are a number of things you need to do in order to get the most out of your summer tires. First and foremost, you should not buy these tires based solely on price. On the market, there is a wide range of summer tires. As with any other product, different summer tires will have different qualities and shortcomings. There are some that are comfortable and quiet and others that are durable. There are brands that are well suited for sedans and others that will work well with SUVs. Your tire choice should be dictated by your needs as well as your anticipated use of the summer tires.

When you buy the best summer tires, make sure that you know how long they are supposed to serve you. This will help you know when the tires need to be replaced. Driving a vehicle that has worn out tires is something that you should not do at all costs. You will not only be putting your life in danger, but also the lives of other car owners and road users. Worn out tires are less effective on the road and may get you into a bad accident.

If you come from a place that experiences both winter and summer seasons in a year, it means that you will need to switch to summer tires in summer and winter tires in winter. Make sure that you install the summer tires at the right time. Do not install them too soon or too late as that may put your life in danger. The summer tires lose their effectiveness when driven on snowy or icy roads. Wait until the snow and ice has cleared on the roads to switch to the summer tires

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Tips For Buying An All Season Tire

Are you searching for the best all season tire for your car? If your answer is yes are, there are various factors you need to keep in mind. They include things such as the safety rating of the tire, size, price among other factors. It will be much easier to shop for this tire if you have at least an idea of what you are looking for. Do not assume that all-season tires are the same and purchase the first one you come across. You may lose your money or be very disappointed with your purchase.

Why is it important to determine the size of the all-season tire you want to buy? Depending on the vehicle you have, the tire size may vary. If it is a smaller compact car, it would probably need a smaller tire compared to pickup truck or larger SUV. Apart from checking how large the tire is, you also need to check its width and make sure that it is right for your car. It would not be a good idea to purchase a tire that is smaller compared to the tires that you purchased with your vehicle. In the event that you are considering upgrading to a different tire size, make sure that you seek expert help from a mechanic first.

Another very important thing you should not ignore when searching for an all-season tire is the safety of that tire. The safety ratings of tires are available online on websites such as tirerack.com, safecar.gov, just to mention a few. You can also find the ratings on review websites like tire-reviews-online.com. Only purchase a tire after making sure that it has good ratings. If a tire has very low ratings from experts or past customers, something may be wrong with it.

Price is another important factor to keep in mind when you are searching the right all season tire. Before you even head onto the market to started looking for doing a comparison check, you should decide how much you are willing to part with to buy it. The price of the tire can be affected by a number of things, including speed, performance rating, durability and so on. A tire that has higher speed as well as performance rating is likely to cost you more money. Also, a tire that is more durable is likely to be more expensive compared to a standard summer tire.

Other important factors you definitely want to consider when looking for the perfect all season tire include traction ratings, tread patterns and mileage. The traction ratings usually rate the ability of a tire to grip surface. The best rating is A, followed by AA, and then there is B and C. As for tread patterns, make sure that you look for opens ones with narrower treads for proper traction. Such treads are also capable of moving water from the surface of the tire in wet conditions. Also make sure that the tires you are choosing can guarantee you high mileage.

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Mistakes To Avoid When Looking For The Best Summer Tires

The summer season is usually characterized with a temperature rise that can make it hard to drive on the road with some types of tires. In order to keep your car running this season, you need to invest in the best summer tires. While some people think that they can just survive with all season tires throughout the year, there are some places where summer tires will definitely outperform the all season tires on the road. Even though this means an added expense, it is definitely worth it if you value your life and the lives of the people you carry in your car.

When buying summer tires, you need to make sure that they will not pose any danger of a blowout. You need to stay vigilant and make sure that the following mistakes are avoided. The first mistake is using the wrong tire size on your vehicle. There are some people who deliberately use wrong tires on their vehicles in order to save some money or for aesthetics. Most car enthusiasts, especially off roaders, normally think that slightly bigger tires are better. But the problem is that these aesthetics are short-lived because of the costs of repairs as a result of the damage that occurs due to using the wrong tires.

Another mistake you should avoid when looking for the best summer tires is ignoring factory specifications. If you just bought a used car, chances are that it still has the same tires that it came with. You need to take a step to make sure that the tires of your car meet the specifications of the manufacturer. When you fix factory recommended tires on your car, it would be able to have the right amount of traction, safety as well as control. Do not just assume that any tire is right for your car.

You also should not make a mistake of buying specialty summer tires that you do not use often. There are some people who base their tire purchase on an occasional camping trip or off-roading. This is not the best way to go about it because off road tires that feature high traction may not be able to perform well on the highway. You should look for a solid all purpose tire that can safely get you through bad winters, rainstorms and dry conditions. In case off-road tires are a must have for you, make sure that you fix them before you go on an
off-road excursion and then switch back to the regular tires after coming from the excursion.

Last but not least, you should not forget to check tire pressure when buying the best summer tires. Most people tend to rely on visual inspections when checking tire pressure. This can end up being a costly mistake, so you should not do that. Even if the tire that you want to buy looks properly inflated, make sure that you inspect it properly. It could be suffering from low tire pressure that could result into poor fuel economy.

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A Look At The Advancement Of Winter Tires

Back in the day, winter tires were solely meant for use in harsh winter months. Unless the roads they were being driven on roads that are covered in snow, their performance was terrible. But times have changed and modern winter tires have improved greatly. On the market, you will find those known as studded winter tires and are perfect for wet, icy roads and others that are called studless winter tires that are meant for roads that are covered with snow. You will no longer be at the mercy of the drivers and weather around you if you fit these tires on your vehicle in winter.

If the weather is too wet or cold but the roads are snow-free, there is very little compromise with using the modern winter tires. A single emergency stop on such roads is not going to ruin the treads of these tires. As long as you invest in top quality winter tires, they are going to give you performance that is almost equal to that of all season tires on dry roads. However, it is not recommended to continue using the winter tires when the cold season is over. You would not be able to get the best performance from them in summer as you would with summer tires.

There are quite a number of things that have improved in the modern winter tires, among them being stopping power and handling. Back in the day, these tires were characterized by squishy and imprecise handling. When driving on dry and wet roads, they used to give little feel and broken traction with little warning. There was almost no chance of recovering from a skid. The top quality winter tires that are available nowadays offer about the same handling characteristics as all season tires. The handling characteristics are very important because every passenger vehicle comes with something called electronic stability control.

Apart from being good on dry and wet roads, the performance of the winter tires in snow has also increased in the recent years. Situations where people’s cars would become stuck in snow or ice for hours without moving have become very few because of the improvements in the winter tires. Traction on both snow and ice has greatly improved. Also, when you are driving a vehicle that has modern winter tires, chances of the vehicle spinning or plowing off the road are very low because the tires have been designed to stop this.

To be able to get the most out of a winter tire, you need to pick a top quality one. Make sure that you evaluate the different brands that are available and buy the tire from a brand that is known for selling high performing winter tires. Reviews from experts and past customers can help you a great deal when you are choosing a winter tire. Apart from choosing the right tire, you need to make sure that it is installed properly to be able to achieve the best performance with it.

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Questions To Ask When Buying Winter Tires

Investing in winter tires is not a waste of money as some people tend to assume. These tires are by far the most important safety element you can have for your vehicle in winter if you want to continue enjoying the best driving experience on the road. With so many tires on the market having a multitude of features, it may prove quite challenging to shop for the best winter tires. But that does not have to be the case if you know the right questions to ask the retailer or manufacturer you will be buying the tires from.

The first question you need to ask the dealership that you will buy the winter tires from is the expected lifespan of the tires. Nobody wants to buy tires that they will only use for a few days or weeks and require to buy other tires again. You need to look for winter tires that can last for a number of years. Since you will only be using them in winter, they should not get worn out or damaged so fast. If you buy tires that are known to wear out faster than others, you will definitely not get value for your money from them.

You also need to find out if the winter tires you want to buy are noisy. You do not want to buy tires that make a lot of noise whenever you are driving your car. The noise can become irritating sometimes and ruin the quiet moment that your family or passengers you are carrying need to have. Since some retailers may not be honest with you when it comes to the quietness of the tires, the best thing to do is to ask to see the tires in action. That way, you will pay for the tires
when you are absolutely sure of what you are getting into.

Last but not least, you should ask about the speed rating and size of the winter tires you are buying. If you purchase tires that have very low speed rating, driving on snow-packed roads can be very slow and difficult. Make sure that you look for tires with higher speed rating if you want to be able to get where you are going with your vehicle on time. Also make sure that the tires you are choosing are the right for your vehicle. Do not buy tires that are meant for an SUV and fix them on a sedan.

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