Agriculture during the winter months

Farming is an all year round business, where the tasks vary during the different seasons. However you will need your tractor to be able to be able to work regardless of weather conditions. So if you live in an area with a lot of snow and ice, you will need to have agricultural tires for the tractor that can manage in winter conditions. The Nokian Hakkapeliitta TRI allows for excellent performance both during winter and summer conditions.  These tires offer the best possible winter performance without compromising the durability during the summer. This is not easy to do, but this tire shows the difference.

These tires have actually set the word record for fastest tractor on snow and ice and unmanned snow plowing speed record. This just confirms how good these tires are during the winter. They are perfect if you will need to perform cataract work during the slow winter months at the farm. Snow removal is an excellent extra income for any farm that already have some tractors, which have working capacity during the winter when a lot of areas needs to be cleared from snow to be fully operational. With the right tires on your tractor you have a good foundation for being able to easily take on some contract work.

Contract work does though require timely and precise work, regardless of weather. Especially if it comes down to snow clearing, then the work has to be done promptly during the worst weather conditions. Your trailers might require the same tires to ensure that what ever you have attached to the tractor will also have good grip. Agricultural trailer tires have to also be of high quality, so that they don’t slow you down when you get your job done.

The Nokian Hakkapeliitta TRI is also great on soil with great traction. The rubber compound is truly good for all seasons, so that you can use the same tire all year round. They are also good for both on and off road driving, so that if you need to drive on roads between contract jobs, these tires will get you there comfortably even at high speeds. You can even use studs on these tires as they have pre-marked stud locations in case you need even better grip and traction on ice, if you have jobs that require it.

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The versatility of the tractor

For people who working within any type or agriculture operation, if it is farming, raising cattle or having a vineyard, they will all use a tractor and various attachments to take care of its main business. It is not only important to make the proper tractor decision; you will also need to get the proper tires to properly carry out the tasks at hand. The tires are important to make sure that you have perfect grip in all circumstances and on all surfaces that you will encounter.

With agricultural tires it is important that you have proper durability, that they work well both on and off field and that they have low compaction impact on the soil while driving. Depending on your usage, what properties will be of utter importance for you might vary. Some might in addition to managing the own business, also do contracting work for others. Contracting work often requires more on road driving, where you will need to make sure that the driving comfort is high also on roads, the capability to drive at higher speeds and low wear when driving on roads. A wrong tire selection based on these criteria can become expensive.

With tractors you will have a lot of equipment that you can attach to perform certain tasks. Some of these will be wheeled and will require a special set of wheels. They should have similar properties as are valid for the tractor, especially when it comes to the compaction properties, to ensure that the tires doesn’t impact the yield in a negative way. The same applies to on and off road properties, as especially for the agricultural trailer tires, they will be subject to the same conditions as the tractor and will need to have proper wear resistant properties to ensure that they don’t wear out too quickly.

In agricultural use you will tend to have so called flotation tires on your tractor and your attachments including your trailer. Flotation tires have a bigger contact area with the surface and thus provide lower surface pressure, which is has a good impact on the yield of what you plan to grow, regardless of what you use the land for, you still need to maximize the growth and want to have the minimum level of compaction.

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Cattle Farmers Will Depend On Their Tractor For Most Of The Heavy Work

Cattle farmers in Missouri, who will see a full range of different weathers, will need to ensure that the tractor can handle the changing weather conditions, without problems. Most cattle will be grass feed, which makes it easy and quite low maintenance during the summertime. For wintertime, they will need to rely on the hay and saw up holes in the pond as the cows can drink up to 20 liters per day. Smaller farms can be very low maintenance and self sufficient, as long as the food supply is cared for.

One bull will be enough to breed and keep a healthy 50 calves farm running and a tractor for taking care of the side work around the farm. The side work will include planting new grass and keeping the grass fields in good condition. You also need to make hay bales for the winter season so that the cows can eat when the grass is covered in snow. You will need grass cutting attachment to the tractor, a rake and then a baler trailer. For the equipment it is important to use good quality agriculture tires, which will give you good grip all year around, regardless of weather conditions. If your tractor gets stuck or won’t be able to perform the necessary duties, you will end up having to pay a contractor to do work tasks.

It is often not only the tractor tires that are important also the agricultural trailer tires are of importance. When you planting new grass for the cattle, you want to have a low compaction of the soil, as well as you don’t want to damage existing lawns, so the tires should be so called flotation tires to ensure that the surface pressure is as low as it can be.

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How to define the best tires for agricultural use

Make sure that you don’t select tires that will impact your yield in a negative way. Flotation tires are needed to avoid or at least reduce the negative impact of soil compaction.

Make sure that also your trailers have flotation tires so that they don’t impact your yield in a negative way. Flotation tires give you lower surface pressure. Without proper agricultural trailer tires, you can end up getting stuck or impacting the topsoil level.

Check the full range of agricultural tires to assess, which tires are best for your equipment and for your loads. Modern tires need to cater for heavier machines and higher equipment utilization, which means that you will need to make sure that your tires can handle the higher workload with minimum downtime and costly maintenance that will impact your profitability.

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Trailer tires that are built to last

When you need tires for your trailer that can handle the load and are wear resistant, you might need a set of Nokian CT tires. This is the ultimate trailer tire for earthmoving applications as well as agriculture trailers, where you need a flotation tire to reduce the soil compaction. These tires can definitely handle the heavy loads.

In agricultural applications it is always important that you damage the soil as little as possible. Having the proper tires that limit the surface pressure like the flotation tires, will allow for a higher yield. The Nokian CT tires are extremely durable and allow for service free operating hours with self-cleaning treads. These tires will have an expected operating lifetime of 100.000km. With its asymmetric tread block design, gives you a smooth drive on roads, as you always have block contact with the road surface.

It’s cut and crack resistant compound combined with that it is steel fortified with multiple steel cords in layers allows this tire to be very puncture resistant. So regardless if you will spend a lot of time on or off the road, these tires will give you the ultimate driving experience and durability. So even if you do a lot of contracting and have to spend a lot of time on the road driving between sites, your tire will last and will not wear out prematurely.

Companies always want to avoid problems that cause downtime. Optimizing operating hours and being able to manage with scheduled maintenance to keep the unscheduled maintenance at a minimum saves a lot of money for any operator. It also increases the productivity, so regardless if you are using these tires in earthmoving trailer applications or as agricultural trailer tires it will be an excellent choice. They will be able to handle the load and will give you a maximum out output hours without problems and with minimum surface pressure.

By checking the Nokian Tyres technical tire manual, you will get more information regarding the full range of flotation tires that they have as well as other tires for earthmoving and agricultural equipment. You can assess what loads they can handle and what tire pressure you should have. You can also find the different dimensions so that you are sure that you fit your equipment with the correct tires.

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How to avoid getting stuck when plowing

The challenge of getting stuck when plowing, can be a problem, as you will need another tractor to pull you out from there. Often this scenario can be avoided by using flotation tires that float on top of the surface instead of sinking into the top layer. In addition the compaction that can happen when you don’t use flotation tires can reduce your yield due to soil compaction. Selecting the right tires can have a big impact on your output and your costs, as you will need to make sure that your equipment are running with minimum downtime and problems.

The flotation tires are wider and are often used as agriculture tires. They can distribute the pressure to a larger area, so that the heavy equipment doesn’t destroy the top layer of the soil. The tread is designed to both give you traction and stability combined with a comfortable driving experience. Tractors often need to be good for driving both on and off field, where the off field includes a lot of road driving. Depending on your tractor use and how your fields are placed and if you do additional contracting you need to select tires that are optimized for your use case. If you make the wrong selection you will wear out your tires too quickly.

You also need to select the right agricultural trailer tires. You will most likely benefit of using flotation tires on your trailers as well, to ensure that you have minimum soil compaction. You will need to take any steps to ensure that you have the highest yield possible for your operation. That includes taking every step to minimize the soil compaction and other areas that might limit your yield. You can find the best tires in the technical tire manual, where you can also find the proper tire pressure for the tires.

High quality tires will have low rolling resistance, ensuring that you minimize your fuel costs as well as lower CO2 emissions. Environmental friendly agricultural business is becoming increasingly more important. Low tire wear is also of essence, so that you don’t have to invest in new tires more often than necessary. Investing in tires that have low impact on your soil and has low degree of problems so that you can maximize the up time, will add profits to your operations.

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