Some ways to improve your heavy equipment

One of the easiest ways to improve your equipment is to match it with the tire that complement the equipment the best. Tires can translate the performance of both the equipment and its tires to a superior output performance, where you can perform in any conditions without any problems. Great traction and stability are two characteristics that most want from their heavy tires then comes durability and long trouble free service life, if you can combine this into a tire, then you have a good foundation for optimal performance together with your equipment.

A backhoe loader for example will need to have a combination of very stable tires for the excavation and good traction for the loader work. This is why backhoe loader tires are different and very specialized. They also have to adapt to the new heavier loads and heavier attachments that are used nowadays. Durability will also be key so that they can handle the sharp rocks and debris that will be present on the ground. You need to know that the loader tires are cut and crack resistant so that they can hold up for the load and for potential side impacts.

When you look at underground mining equipment, here the tires can be a real mess if you don’t get the tire selection under control. In underground mines and tunnels you have some really harsh conditions, with narrow space and the likelihood that your tires will be bruised and abused daily. So if you don’t select the correct mining tires that can actually handle the extreme conditions that the tires are exposed to, then you will have a lot of tire related problems. If you start having tire failures or a high degree of downtime due to tires, then you should re-evaluate your tire choice.  

Make use of the technical tire manual to check that the tire choice is consistent with the max load, dimensions and that the usage area is correct. The tire’s inflation pressure can also be found in there, to ensure that you have the correct tire pressure.  It is important that you check the inflation pressures regularly as too low can damage the sidewalls and also causes excessive wear. Then you also need to check the tire wear so that you know when to change the tires to a new set.

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The best new tires for your backhoe

If you are looking for new tires for your backhoe, you probably already know what your preference is and what properties if any that you want to improve according to your current tires. Nokian Tyres is big producer of heavy tires and have a good selection of backhoe tires for some of the harshest conditions and when you need that extra durability and grip. Nokian Tyres are from Finland, so they are used to the harsh winter weather, so they will work as good in snowy conditions as summer conditions.

Nokian Tyres has even launched two new backhoe loader tiresearlier this year, the Nokian Ground Kare. The Nokian Ground Kare comes in two versions, where one is optimized for railway use. The railways use version is semi-slick to better be able to work with the railroad tracks. The other one is more versatile for contracting work in different environments, where you need the combination of high load capacity due to heavy attachments and excellent stability. The durability comes steel belt reinforcement will protect the tires against cuts and cracks. Due to the high load capacity, you can use very heavy auxiliary equipment, where the stability of the tire can prevent swings and shocks.

These tires have been built with low surface pressure and with lots of edges to give great traction on all different type of surfaces. The larger grooves on the side gives the tires very good self-cleaning properties, so that mud and other soft surfaces don’t get stuck in the grooves.  They also have properties that make them good both on work sites as well as when driving on highways.

Nokian Tyres have other tires for backhoe loaders, but these new tires are excellent for numerous reasons, when you need some of the best loader tires. Us the technical manual to make sure that you can get the dimensions needed for your loader. These tires can also be used on excavators, so if you need similar characteristics for your excavator tires, then they might be the right tires for your excavator, especially for work around railroads, where it is difficult to find tires that are made especially for this application in mind. The technical manual will also indicate the load capacity for each tire, so that you can ensure that the tires will be suitable for your work.

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The backhoe loader is one of the most used and versatile equipment

What makes the backhoe loader so versatile is that you have basically two equipment in one and you can both dig and load that material into a dump truck or move it to another area. So if you think about doing any heavy work using any heavy equipment, you are mostly doing one or both of these tasks at the work site.  Here you combine two of those of those work steps into the same equipment, reducing the need for two different machines and two operators.

Depending on the digging work needed will often determine if you backhoe will be sufficient or if you will need an excavator for the digging work. An excavator can dig deeper and has more flexibility in the movement, so you will be able to operate faster with an excavator and then by having a separate loader, will help speed up the completion of the project, but it does add the extra cost in equipment and labor. So it can be very project dependent what is the best option.

Even if the job is of a smaller scale and you will be fine with a backhoe loader, you will need to make sure that you select a good set of backhoe loader tires for it, so that you can ensure good traction as you drive through rough terrain, that it is stable enough for the digging operation and good grip as you scoop up things with the loader. Having bad backhoe tires can slow down your operation and cause delays in the project. The same goes if the tires can’t handle any weather condition, as you don’t make money by just working on sunny days.

Durability is another important feature in tires, to make sure that you have long service life and without any problems. The tires must be properly reinforced and have a very durable rubber compound that is crack and cut resistant. Low rolling resistance decreases the fuel usage and also keeps the tire wear at a low level. Use the technical tire manual to make sure that you select the correct dimension and also assessing eh correct load and tire pressure. You will also find tires for your other equipment that will need to equip with high quality durable trouble free tires.

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