Earthmoving and road maintenance tires for Nordic conditions

One might wonder what is meant by Nordic conditions and it basically means that you have 4 distinct seasons with the winter season being very harsh with a lot of snow and ice combined with some occasional very low temperatures. This means that the equipment that need to do construction and road maintenance work will need to work all year round and have to tackle the harsh winter weather. The tires will need to provide you with sufficient grip even during harsh winter weather. If they work in the Nordics, they will basically work anywhere around the world.

The main equipment used for these tasks are excavators, wheel loader and dump trucks in addition backhoe loaders, tractors and road graders belong to the equipment frequently used. Road graders play a crucial role in ensuring that the road will be perfectly level before they apply the top levels. So not only do these tires need to provide the grip during the warm summers, but also when working in snowy and icy conditions, when the work has to be done regardless of weather conditions. That is when you are happy that you can turn to Nokian Heavy Tyres range of tires. They have been used for decades in these applications and have constantly improved to ensure higher productivity as also the machines have improved. The machines tend to gain in power and weight and the tires need to respond for the higher loads.

When trying to find the tires for an excavator you can use the Nokian Tyres technical tire manual to see the full range of excavator tires. The new Nokian Ground Kare is a new tire for excavators and backhoe loaders for versatile contracting work. They are built to absorb shocks and swings to make the excavator very stable. They have bigger blocks, which makes road driving very comfortable as you travel between work sites. So if you need versatile excavator or backhoe tires, this is a new exciting addition that might suit your needs. They even have a semi-slick version that is designed for railway work. This is what comes from working closely with the equipment manufacturers and its customers, developing products, which solves a need in the market place. Now you have a superior tire for that specific application.

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Safety And Maintenance Should Always Be Prioritized

In any business this should be observed and if you deal with a lot of personnel and they are using heavy equipment there is an even bigger need to comply with this. Proper safety training and instructions should be in place; the safety procedures and the use of the best safety features should be a natural part of the business. Accidents and injured personnel can impact the business drastically. If personnel are injured, it is very tragic and has an emotional and demoralizing impact on the other personnel.

There are also a lot of hidden costs associated with not having proper safety procedure or safety track record. They are increasing insurance costs, higher personnel turnover and personnel costs due to sick days and absences. Underutilization of vehicles tends to also happen. These are costs that should be avoided.

When it comes to equipment and safety equipment, then make sure that you evaluate their safety when making the selection. The same comes to the tire selection, which can be very important selection from a safety point of view, regardless if it comes to selecting tires for semi-trailer truck or for a wheel backhoe loader. When it comes to the heavy truck tires here you want to make sure that the truck can haul load long distances safely. Here road safety such as grip, wear, stability and durability are key factors. If you will drive in winter conditions, the road safety and ensuring that you have tires that are approved for winter weather is crucial for safety. Look for tires that are winter approved.

When you select a backhoe tires, then you have other concerns, like stability, durability and puncture and crack resistance. Blowouts with these big tires and the high pressure can be a safety risk in itself. The fact that the whole backhoe loader can tilt and cause damages and safety concerns. Inflating the tires can be very dangerous and the tires should be in a safety cage during the inflation. It is important that you know what the tire pressure should be and what load you are able to carry with the tire that you are using. Check the technical tire manual to ensure that you are within the limits when it comes to inflation pressure and load weight and follow all the other safety procedures when it comes to tires, the equipment and within the working processes to keep the business running safely.

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The Backhoe Loaders Versatility In Today Road Maintenance

The versatility of the backhoe comes from it being basically three machines in one. You have a tractor, a backhoe shovel and a loader.  Each has its own specifics and characteristics as machines, making it very versatile in various jobs.

The tractor is similar what is used in agriculture and able to move quickly on various surfaces. Their use of tires means that the tires can be further adapted for various terrains. There are numerous tractor tires and even specific backhoe tires with extra durability for the harsh conditions they tend to work in. They are mainly used in various earthmoving and road maintenance work, where you are dependent on high cut and crack resistant tires, due to high loads and sharp stones and rocks, earthmoving tires are all durable to ensure reliability and long work hours. Winter loader tires that are able to handle snow and ice can prolong the season and also make them able to clear snow if needed.

Grip is also essential for a loader combined with stability while in operation. The grip ensures that it doesn’t get stuck and can maneuver through difficult terrain as well as quickly move from one place to another. The ability to drive on roads makes it cheaper to move the equipment between sites and along the way while working allowing for high utilization rates.

The backhoe can move freely around its axis and can be used to dig up hard materials and is often used to dig up roads for repairs and create ditches.  The combination to have the loader on the same machine makes the use of less equipment needed. You can then re-fill the dug hole or move the material and dump it in a dump truck for further transportation. The loader can carry heavy loads of material as well as flatten the surfaces after the hole has been dug up. During the digging process, the backhoe loader might need stabilization legs to prevent it from tipping over while digging.

There are numerous manufacturers of backhoe loaders and they are used all over the world. They have been around for so many years that their presence will continue for years to come and with the constant improvements of tires make them even more versatile for doing work in harsh weather and on challenging surfaces.

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