Main Reasons Why To Select A Wheeled Excavator Versus A Tracked One

You will see both wheeled and tracked excavators around, there are some advantages and disadvantages between them, and the wheeled ones are more flexible. You might lose some depth when you dig as the wheels gives added height to the excavator, so the boom is higher above the ground, however the stabilizers that the wheeled excavators have give the added stability to the machine so that you actually have more power for lifting and digging power.

The main advantage of the wheeled excavators is in that they are more flexible when it comes to moving around. Both the better ability to maneuver as well as the higher speed, can speed up job projects when you have a wheeled excavator. Wheeled excavators don’t need to be transported between jobs if the distances are not that great, as you can drive them on normal roads. Not having to use a trailer to transport the excavator between jobs can save you costs and time.

With a wheeled excavator you also have the flexibility to change tires depending on the working surface or area. This will definitely give you an extra degree of freedom and ability to always have the best grip. There are a lot of different excavator tires to choose from. Check the technical tire manual to assess which earthmoving tires are the best for your excavator.

Excavators are mainly used in earthmoving and road maintenance jobs, so you tend to see them all over the place. Combining the best equipment with the best tires, tend to save you money in the long run in terms of running and maintenance costs and your productivity should increase. When you have a wheeled excavator it is important to check the tires at the end of each workday, to see that the tires are ok and that they are free from any cuts or cracks. You always want to detect problems at an early stage, preferably during the scheduled maintenance. Having unscheduled downtime due to equipment or tire failure can be vey costly and dangerous. The tires have very high pressures and accidents can happen if you don’t follow the safety guidelines. Breakdowns always cause delays and can jeopardize your timelines to get the job done. If you have a lot of breakdowns, you need to schedule more maintenance opportunities.

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The Backhoe Loaders Versatility In Today Road Maintenance

The versatility of the backhoe comes from it being basically three machines in one. You have a tractor, a backhoe shovel and a loader.  Each has its own specifics and characteristics as machines, making it very versatile in various jobs.

The tractor is similar what is used in agriculture and able to move quickly on various surfaces. Their use of tires means that the tires can be further adapted for various terrains. There are numerous tractor tires and even specific backhoe tires with extra durability for the harsh conditions they tend to work in. They are mainly used in various earthmoving and road maintenance work, where you are dependent on high cut and crack resistant tires, due to high loads and sharp stones and rocks, earthmoving tires are all durable to ensure reliability and long work hours. Winter loader tires that are able to handle snow and ice can prolong the season and also make them able to clear snow if needed.

Grip is also essential for a loader combined with stability while in operation. The grip ensures that it doesn’t get stuck and can maneuver through difficult terrain as well as quickly move from one place to another. The ability to drive on roads makes it cheaper to move the equipment between sites and along the way while working allowing for high utilization rates.

The backhoe can move freely around its axis and can be used to dig up hard materials and is often used to dig up roads for repairs and create ditches.  The combination to have the loader on the same machine makes the use of less equipment needed. You can then re-fill the dug hole or move the material and dump it in a dump truck for further transportation. The loader can carry heavy loads of material as well as flatten the surfaces after the hole has been dug up. During the digging process, the backhoe loader might need stabilization legs to prevent it from tipping over while digging.

There are numerous manufacturers of backhoe loaders and they are used all over the world. They have been around for so many years that their presence will continue for years to come and with the constant improvements of tires make them even more versatile for doing work in harsh weather and on challenging surfaces.

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Heavy Equipment Tires That Are Durable

When it comes to selecting tires for your earthmoving equipment you will need earthmoving tires that are durable and can do the job. Things to avoid are of course tires that might cut or crack while you are working. The conditions are very aggressive when you are working within earthmoving regardless if you are using an excavator or a loader, you will need great tires that don’t let you down.

Excavator tires are rugged and you can select tires for both hard and soft surfaces. The tire choice should be dependent on the tasks that you aim to perform. If you will work on soft surfaces and want to leave minimum impact, make sure that you select a special excavator tire that has been designed for soft surfaces, while still being steel fortified to prevent from punctures from rocks and stubs.

These tires will need high load bearing and good stability for digging, if the surface is solid, then you will need a different tire that will give you support and stability. Driving on roads will not be a problem as these tires will be durable and enable smooth transitions between sites.  Puncture resistance and durability tend to be key features for people working with excavation work both on/off-road. You want to make sure that the tires are as durable as they can be, as any tire problems will cause delays and extra costs.

To assure that you select the correct tire for the surface and for the equipment you have, it is always good to consult the technical tire manual for more information including the tire pressure depending on load and tire. Selecting the tire is not always easy, but making an error in this process can be very costly and cause big delays.

Other equipment often used for earthmoving are, road graders and wheel loader combined often with an articulated dump truck to remove soil and debris from the area. All vehicles will need to ensure that they have the proper tires for their main area of the work. As you rarely have back-up equipment, that then means if one has a problem it might keep all other equipment waiting. This further reinforces the importance of durable tires that will have minimum problems so you have minimum downtime for the work as whole.

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