Forest tires that can most conditions

When it comes to forestry, you will have to rely on good quality tires to get the job done regardless of what conditions you will experience. The conditions are already very challenging in the forest, especially if you try to drive a large vehicle through it, if you then add different weather conditions to it, it can be almost impossible. To be able to conquer this you will need some real solid forestry tires and in some cases you might even need tracks or chains. A lot of the forestry tires are made so that you can easily add tracks or chains when it is needed.

Steep hills and slippery rocks and in some cases even snow and ice, will make the grip a high priority, so that you don’t waste time being stuck or having problems of getting where you need to go. When it comes to work, the work doesn’t wait for us, it needs to be done in a timely matter with as little delays as possible. Minimum downtime is of utter importance for the profitability of any operations. You will need to avoid unscheduled downtime and costly repairs. Maintenance is very important for these reasons. Proper maintenance has been shown to reduce cost and improve uptime and decrease the costly unscheduled downtime that can make some projects run into the red.

Forest equipment such as harvesters and forwarders need to be strong enough to climb the hills and combined with the right forestry tires. The equipment you have to work well with its tires to ensure perfect grip. Since the equipment is heavy and you are working with heavy trees, the tires need to be extremely durable and be able to carry the heavy loads. They also have to be durable enough not to puncture or rupture by having a cut and crack resistant rubber compound and being steel fortified for certain applications.

In addition you will need to make sure that you undertake proper tire maintenance on a daily basis to check the tires for potential cuts or cracks and regularly check the tread depth. The tires should be self cleaning, so that the treads don’t get clogged up by mud to reduce the grip, but you should wash the tires on a daily basis at the end of the shift to make the maintenance easier.

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In forestry you really need great tires

Forestry definitely represents some of the roughest working conditions, where you have both very soft surfaces in swamps that you need to get through with good grip as well as hard surfaces as rocks and stumps, that can’t damage the tires. Since Nokian Tyres is the global leader in forestry tires, it seems like most people trust those tires to get you through the work shifts in the forest. Without proper tires you can risk getting stuck in the swamps, or not have enough grip getting up steep hills with slippery rocks, or then your tires will crack or rupture from sharp rocks or tree stumps.

Nokian Tyres are the strongest in cut to length technology with tyres for forwarders and harvesters, but it is not only these forwarder tires and the harvester tires that are world class, they also provide some of the best tractor tires with the Nokian Tractor King. They also have tires for some of the full tree technology applications, such as a skidder tires for your skidder. A skidder is reliant on extreme good grip and durability as it drags logs through the forest. They also need to withstand the heavy loads without cracking or rupturing as they drive over sharp objects.

When you operate remotely far away from the landing, you want to avoid having any unforeseen breakdowns be it caused by the equipment or by the tires. Any failure remotely is very costly and cumbersome. They not only slow down the project, but also tend to add significant costs of repairs. It can also cause accidents, when a tire ruptures the equipment can fall over causing injuries.

You can then imagine the trouble of trying to repair a tire in the middle of a forest or trying to get the tire replaced. This is the reason why companies invest in very high quality durable forest tires that are proven to last and manage in these conditions. Any breakdown will eat up any savings of choosing a cheaper tire. Proper maintenance of the tires also becomes a key step for avoiding downtime.  This is to ensure that you take every step to avoid problems that could have been detected during the maintenance. Maintenance might seem costly and unnecessary, but that is cause you don’t see the savings from breakdowns that were avoided.

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Few Reasons Why To Choose Nokian Tyres For Your Heavy Equipment

Nokian Tyres has a long history of producing high quality tires for some of the harshest conditions. They will work regardless of weather conditions and they are the global leader in forestry tires and winter tires.

When you don’t want weather get in the way for finishing a job, then you can count on Nokian Tyres to deliver every time.

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Finnish Tires Have Seen It All

When you need to buy proper commercial tires for any type of heavy equipment, then you know that the tires produced by Nokian Tyres have seen all the possible bad conditions that you can imagine. These tires have been exposed to the roughest terrains, everything from dusty mines to icy roads. It all started in the forest, making tyres for forestry equipment. They are now the global leader in forestry tires, making the best forestry tires in the world. These tires that can cope with terrains filled with rocks and swamps. They have become the best tires by working closely with their customers and though innovation and collaboration with customers and machine manufactures, they have been able to produce tires that get the job done.

It is not only in forestry that they are able to produce world-leading tires; they produce tires for everything from agriculture to mining. Truck and bus tires are also produced for transports that need to get to the end destination regardless of weather or conditions. Where grip is of essence, then you can often rely on Nokian Tyres.

Produced with only purified low aromatic oils, to have low environmental impact and produced to have low rolling resistance to allow low fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. These tyres are also built to last, so that your tire investment is an investment that will last a long time, both due to low wear and high durability.

Investing in tires that have been designed and tested for the harshest circumstances means that you will get very durable tires that still have great driving comfort both on and off road for all different uses regardless of weather or surfaces. They can handle the highest loads, so that you should consult the technical tire manual to check which tire fits your working conditions and your machine the best and to assure that you have the correct tire pressure for the load that you intend to have. If you are working within forestry the choice is a no-brainer, but for some of the other areas such as road maintenance or agriculture, you can also always rely on Nokian Tyres to get the job done both while you do the work as well as when you have to drive on the road between the jobs even during the winter.

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