Long Haul Winter Tires For When The Weather Turns On You

For the areas where you might have some occasional winter weather, it is worth already investing in tires that can handle any type of weather. You don’t want to have your trucking operations to be at a standstill because there is a winter storm sweeping in across the country. Reliability in your service by being able to deliver without delays is a business advantage that customers are willing to pay for. So don’t let bad weather slow you down.

Heavy truck tires that are approved for winter conditions is what is needed to drive safely throughput the winter. A tire that has been approved for winter conditions will have the alpine 3PMSF-symbol on the sidewall of the tire. Winter tires should be on all positions of the truck from steer, drive and trailer axles. As trucks will mainly drive long distances you will need proper haul tires to take you the distance. Low heat build up will result in low wear and low rolling resistance will give reduced fuel consumption.

The first winter tire for trucks was actually made more than 80 years ago for trucks driving in the Finnish winter. This was already then done to improve the safety of transports. Safety, reliability and durability is what has been strived for in the product development to achieve the best winter tires that exceeds the customer expectations. Nowadays they will provide commercial tires for some of the most challenging areas and conditions. To ensure that output is increased and downtime is minimized even in the harshest conditions.

When it comes to long haul trucks the equipment is very expensive as well as the load carries can be substantial, so accidents should be avoided at almost any cost. Equipping the trucks with tires that have proven to deliver in the harshest conditions is a good start to ensure that you can deliver on time regardless of weather. You should also remember as the tires will wear down, you can then retread the tires so that you can add another tread on the body of the tire, so that you can get more or less a new tire for the fraction of the price. This lowers your tire costs drastically and you still achieve the same driving safety, while being environmentally friendly.

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