Underground work will require the good tire selection

Regardless if you work with tunneling or underground mines, the equipment used are similar and the work conditions will be almost the same. The good thing is that you can avoid bad weather while working underground, but the working conditions are still almost as tough as it gets. The combination of heavy loads and sharp rocks will need some very durable tires to ensure that you can minimize any unscheduled downtime. Underground is not the place where you want to experience a lot of problems, as you have limited space both to maneuver and where to repair failing equipment.

The main equipment used in mines and for tunneling are similar to other major construction, so you will have excavators, loaders and dump trucks and some other special equipment such as drill rigs.  For underground applications the equipment tend to be very compact to reduce the height impact in the tunnels. The loaders will special type of underground mine loader and will require special mine loader tires. The Nokian Mine King L-5S is a slick tire, which give you steady and reliable handling, so you easily can maneuver in the narrow spaces. These tires can handle some of the heaviest loads and can be used on some of the heaviest machines available. They have a very cut and crack resistant tread compound that will give you extra long service life.

Good qualitymining tires will help you improve productivity with the minimum downtime, but it requires that you also maintain the tires properly. Proper cleaning of the tires at the end of the shift and checking the tires for cuts, cracks and bruises. If you detect any problems a tire specialist should further check them so that you can take any precautions in terms of changing tires before you have a possible failure. Checking remaining tread depth is also very important to keep track of when to change the tires. The Nokian Mine King L-5S has tread depth indicator visible from the side of the tire, which makes it easy to read the tread depth on a daily basis without having to measure the depth.

Even though some of the equipment is the same as for other construction applications, you will still need to make sure that they are mining tires so that they can handle the conditions that are present there.

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