Choosing tires for SUVs

With summer coming to an end, you might wonder if all-season tires are still a good choice for the upcoming fall and winter. Well, this depends on the winter weather conditions where you live.  All-season tires are a flexible year-round option if you live in an area with three seasons. Contrary to what the name of the tires would have you believe, all-season tires are actually only suitable for 3 seasons and are not meant to be used in severe winter conditions. They do not hold the three-peak mountain snowflake symbol signifying use in severe winter conditions like an all-weather tire or winter tires.

One all-season tire, the Nokian Rotiiva HT, has one of the most advanced highway tread designs featuring industry-leading technology. The tire is ultra-quiet and sturdy, providing comfort and safety. It handles well on asphalt and gravel alike and can even handle light off-road conditions. The Nokian Rotiiva HT makes use of many new innovations that keep the main grooves clean, thereby improving aquaplaning properties while extending the tire life by preventing stone drilling.

Other innovations used in the tire are an all new high-modulus tread compound, stone ejectors, silent groove design, Silent Sidewall technology, polished grooves and low rolling resistance (which makes it an eco-friendly tire). With its staggered lateral grooves, the Nokian Rotiiva HT can handle any weather as it removes water with ease and maintains a good grip on the road, providing stronger handling. Its Aramid Sidewall technology is one of the strongest sidewall compounds on the market and allows the tire to be incredibly durable and able to resist cuts and impacts due to strong aramid fibers. In fact, this same material is used in the aerospace and defense industries. The groove lifts that are shaped between the tread blocks on the outer shoulder area improve precision and steering feel, especially when driving fast around corners. Circumferential grooves that are located on the tire’s shoulders allow for improved lateral grip and reduce rolling resistance.

All-season tires are a great option for year-round driving in areas with three seasons and are well-equipped to handle the unpredictable weather of autumn. The Nokian Rotiiva HT offers many new innovations to help protect from hydroplaning and other unexpected dangers on the road. It is a high-quality SUV all season tire.

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Summer driving with your SUV

All-season tires are a great choice for summer driving with your SUV. Since SUVs are heavier than passenger cars, high-quality tires are important. Even though SUVs have four-wheel drive, good tires are important so they can maintain strong traction – especially in summer, when summer rains increase the risk of hydroplaning. A high-quality all-season tire can provide protection against hydroplaning, as the tread is designed for this.

There are many high-quality all-season tires on the market, like the Nokian Rotiiva HT, which is great for SUVs and light trucks. It features the new high modulus tread compound, stone ejectors, silent groove design, Silent Sidewall technology and polished grooves, along with offering low rolling resistance. This makes the tire a fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly product. These features combine with Aramid Sidewall technology, which has puncture resistance with help of strong aramid fibers incorporated into the sidewall. All of this boosts the chance of a safe ride. The tire even has a driving safety indicator (DSI) patented by Nokian Tyres that allows the driver to inspect the tires to see when the tread depth is less than 4 millimeters, which could indicate a risk for hydroplaning.

The Nokian Rotiiva HT is an all-season tire that can be used from spring to fall but should not be used in winter. It is made up of the most advanced highway tread design with Nokian Tyres’ industry-leading technologies. The Silent Sidewall technology actually helps cut out noise and vibration carried over from the driving surface from the tire, so this tread design will allow ultra-quiet highway driving while protecting against hydroplaning with its staggered lateral grooves, which effectively remove water. Stone ejectors minimize the penetration of sharp stones into the tire, so it can even be used off-road.

All-season tires are a good solution for summer driving, since its tread design allows for the best in hydroplaning protection while allowing durability and comfortable summer highway driving in a way that’s tailored to SUVs. Another advantage of an all-season tire is the possibility of keeping one set of tires throughout the year at least if your geographical area does not experience true winter weather that requires snow tires.

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All-Season SUV Tires Versus All-Weather SUV Tires

Having recently bought an SUV and being fortunate enough to live in California I started looking into buying an all-round tire that can be used year round. So, I decided to look into an all-season tire not understanding the difference between an SUV all-season tire and an SUV all-weather tire.

The all-season SUV tires are basically made to be driven all-year around. This however is only partially true as it depends very much on the place where you live. All-season tires cannot handle cold and severe winter conditions. All-weather tires on the other hand combine the best properties of dedicated summer tires and winter tires, so they handle better on wet, snowy and icy winter roads.

However, since I live in San Diego, I decided to go for the Nokian Rotiiva AT (All Terrain) plus tire. This durable all-season tire provides durability without compromising safety or driving comfort. It performs great on asphalt – the surface on which I drive mostly. Even though it does perform well on asphalt, it doesn’t mean it can’t handle the occasional light off-road trip when I visit my daughter’s ranch. Also, with its aggressive tread pattern I know it will be able to grip the road. The stability is improved with the new re-optimized placement of the tread blocks with enforced shoulder areas.

This tire will assure that we get the most use of our SUV tires as it has cooling ribs that reduce the heat generation and thereby slowing the wear of the tire. The tire is equipped with 3D siping which also improve the grip, making the tread block sturdier.

Having said all this, SUV all season tires like the Nokian Rotiiva HT would have been a good tire option for our SUV. In the end we decided though to go for the Nokian Rotiiva AT plus tire because of its cooling ribs which offer slower tire wear. I hope  we can keep them longer without having to change them.

All-season tires are perfect for anyone living in southern California or any other part of the country enjoying mild climate year round. However if you live in an area where you experience real winter weather with snow and freezing temperatures, I would not recommend them. For more information regarding all-weather SUV tires, check out: Nokian Tyres